AUSTIN: Son Jarocho Taller & Fandango Nov. 21


Son Jarocho Taller & Fandango

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Son Armado invites you to:

A Son Jarocho Taller & Fandango

Son Jarocho is a regional tradition of folk music, dance, and poetry from the coastal state of Veracruz, Mexico. The origins of Son Jarocho are rooted in the melding of African, Spanish and Indigenous cultures during the process of colonization and the practice of slavery in the Americas. During this time, Son Jarocho emerged as a form of survival and a resistance to colonial control.

Son Jarocho is a popular education based art-form centered around community gatherings & celebrations known as Fandangos. The Fandango involves music, dancing, & poetry in the context of a communally created and shared space, with the tarima (a wooden dance platform) as the gathering point. The sones at the fandango are divided into two main groups: sones de monton, danced only by women, and sones de pareja, for male-female couples.

Taller (workshop) 8-9pm. Introduction to Son Jarocho

Fandango 9-??
Some food provided, but feel free to contribute.

Bring your dancing shoes 🙂

for more info:


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