ODESSA: Day2 – ECISD Public Awareness/Civic Participation

Please join us tonight. This is a rare opportunity to speak with our ECISD leaders and ask questions and learn. Everyone always speaks about what bothers them about ECISD, so this is your opportunity to ask your questions in a learning environment without rhetoric. Don’t miss this opportunity.


November 9th, 2009
Art Leal




Odessa, TX— The Odessa Civic Engagement Project is hosting its third Civic Participation Training. This month focuses on Ector County I.S.D. governance. Speakers will include many of our district officials.

Training schedule and time is as follows:

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

November 18th – Federal Programs Coordinator

Student Assistance Coordinator

Title IX Coordinator

VIPS Coordinator

Family Education Center Director

November 19th – Board of Trustee Position 1

Board of Trustee Position 2

Board of Trustee Position 3

Superintendent of Schools

All training will be conducted in the ECISD Boardroom at the Administration building.

Participants have an opportunity to learn about Ector County I.S.D. governance and how it works. They will also have an opportunity to learn the role of the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees, learn about Federal Programs, Student Assistance and the importance of parental involvement in schools and with your student.

Currently, the Odessa Civic Engagement Project is taking reservations for those wishing to attend the program. Participation is free. Please send your name, address, and phone number to
ocep@unavozunida.org or call (432)349-1280.

For more information, visit http://ocep.unavozunida.org


The Odessa Civic Engagement Project is a project of Una Voz Unida of Odessa, a non-partisan, non-connected, 501c4 Non Profit Organization. Our mission is to empower citizens by increasing their participation in the American democratic process. We will do this by providing education in local and county government, networking with other organizations, mobilizing voters, providing training and community information that impact the lives of all citizens.



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