HOUSTON: Emergency Press Conference and More for Honduras

Friends of Justice,

There is a new group forming in Houston to support the people of Honduras who have been living under a military dictator for 145 days, since June 28, 2009..

We would like to ask you and / or your organization to become a part of the Houston Committee in Solidarity with the People of Honduras.

The basis of unity for the group is simple: to end the coup in Honduras, to oppose the role of the US government in Honduras, to defend the resistance in Honduras and to demand the return of elected President Manuel Zelaya to power.

The committee is just now being formed and we are planning three events that we invite you to join:

1. Friday, November 20, 10:00 AM—Press Conference at the Mickey Leland Federal Building to condemn having elections in Honduras while the Micheletti government and military still rule with terror and the elected president has not been returned to power. We will demand that the Obama administration and Secretary of State Clinton refuse to recognize elections held under a military coup.

Please let us know if you can be there with a short statement from your organization for the media.

2. Saturday, November 28—Press Conference to announce a demonstration outside the hotel where Hondurans will be going to vote. Fair and free elections cannot be held while a country is under military rule and daily violations of human rights are occurring. Many, including the president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, call on Obama and Clinton to oppose national elections in Honduras unless Zelaya is reinstated.

3. Sunday, November 29–Demonstration calling for a boycott of elections outside of hotel where Honduran citizens will vote.

The first meeting will be this Sunday, November 22, at 3:00 PM. We are trying to secure a room at the HEB grocery on the I-10 feeder Road at Bunker Hill. We will let you know Friday where the meeting will be held.

In struggle,

Evelyn Silva 713-203-1134

Gloria Rubac 713-503-2633

Forwarded message
From: Gloria Rubac gloriarubac


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