AUSTIN: We Will Always Be Here!

"Los Elementos" Juarez-Lincoln mural 1977 by Raul Valdez (before its destruction)

For more info on the mural & the firme work of Chicano muralist Raul Valdez check out his website using the link below:

7pm Friday December 4, 2009

CineResistencia presents

a documentary film screening of We Will Always Be Here (Sol Rojo Productions)

with special guest speaker Chicano muralist Raul Valdez

This historic documentary captures the destruction of the Los Elementos mural and the Juarez-Lincoln building,

and the resistance to stop its destruction.

Juárez-Lincoln University, 715 East First Street, was founded in 1971 in Austin, Texas, as a Mexican American/Chicana/o center of higher education. It was a direct out growth of the wider Chicano/a movement for civil rights, self-determination, & ethnic pride that took root & grew from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Juárez-Lincoln was closed in 1979, when Antioch University withdrew its support. However, the Juárez-Lincoln building continued to house LUChA, League of United Chicano Artists, which was an umbrella organization that hosted multi-media projects and cultural arts programs. Juarez- Lincoln then served as a cultural arts center for the Mexico/a-Chicano/a community. The building with its mural by Raul Valdez became a symbol for East Austin residents. When real estate developers announced in 1980 that the building would be demolished to make way for an office building (now an IHOP), neighborhood groups took the battle to court, hoping to turn the building into a neighborhood center. After litigation the building was demolished in 1983.

"Always considering it the property of the Austin community and that idea was reinforced when it was destroyed in 1984. There were large protests held with people attempting to stand in the way of the wrecking ball and I’ll never forget one woman left her car in the middle of traffic and ran to the crane operator, passionately telling him ‘you can’t do this, you can’t destroy this mural ‘ "

–Raul Valdez quoted from his website


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