Pritchard Industries has committed egregious, serious violations of fundamental human rights against its workers here in Houston.

In Houston, men and women working to clean office buildings have been subjected to the willful violation of Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Pritchard Industries has refused to recognize:

  • The right to just and favorable conditions of work. Pritchard lowered the wages of a group of janitors who cleaned one building.
  • The right to equal pay for equal work. Pritchard fired one woman worker after refusing to continue working one extra hour without pay as she had done so for five months and after speaking out about the injustice.
  • The right to fair and just remuneration and other means of social protection. Pritchard has not respected employee options to health insurance.
  • The right to form and join a union. Pritchard has refused to sit down to re-negotiate a new contract with the janitors and told janitors in one building that they no longer had a union.

Join us in protesting against these transgressions of basic human rights on Thursday, December 10 International Human Rights Day at 11:00 AM, at 1000 Main (corner with McKinney—in front of Reliant Plaza 77002).

Together, let’s send Pritchard the strong message that in Houston, we stand firmly for human rights protections for all persons and that we demand adherence the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Co-sponsored by: Houston’s America for All, Harris County AFL-CIO Council, Houston Interfaith Workers Justice Center, Houston Peace and Justice Center and Center for Human Rights and Social Justice.

Forwarded message
From: maria jimenez <dignidad>


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