TAKE ACTION: Support Congressman Gutierrez’s Bill

*****A Message from Reform Immigration for America*****

Today, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus introduced their immigration reform bill, aptly titled the "CIR ASAP Act." It’s the first bill to provide a comprehensive plan, and clearly lays out many of the realistic solutions that we have been pushing for.

Your work has gotten us this far, and Congressman Gutierrez has kept to his commitment. Now it’s time for Congress to step up.

Call 1-866-584-0773 to tell the White House to keep its promise, and act to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year!

Llama a1 1-866-974-8813 para decirle a la Casa Blanca que mantenga su promesa y que actúe para que se apruebe la reforma migratoria integral el próximo año.

Tell Congress to support the CIR ASAP Act.

This is a crucial moment for our movement. We must now come together and show why these reforms cannot wait.

The CIR ASAP Act already has over seventy co-sponsors in Congress, but it’s going to take all of us working together to make comprehensive immigration reform the law.

Tell your Members of Congress to support immigration reform.

This fight isn’t about abstract policies or processes. It’s about hard-working people who want a fair working environment. It’s about families, separated by a bureaucratic system that doesn’t work. It’s about fixing our broken system and doing what’s right.

Thank you for your support,

Reform Immigration FOR America





To learm more about how you can get involved in Texas, visit us at www.ReformImmigrationForTexas.org


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