ATLANTA: Help us maintain our independence and to build a sustainable base

This past year has been a year has been a challenging one for migrants, their families and the organizations that work to secure their human rights. Despite these challenges, but thanks to your support, the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center (LACCC) continues to addresses the full diversity of the Latin American and Caribbean communities from a progressive, human rights perspective.

The LACCC continues to be one of few organizations working with the Latin@ communities in the southeast region that uses a human rights framework to integrate the issues of race, class, gender and sexuality into our daily social justice work.

In 2009, the Center’s accomplishments include the following:

• A total of 4 anti-oppression trainings were organized throughout the year. 43 individuals and 6 organizations participated in those trainings in 3 states.

• The Center was part of a steering committee to plan and host an Encuentro of Latina activists in the Southeast in September. This was a historic gathering, reaching women in six southeastern states who have committed to continue to work together to support each others’ efforts and develop leadership among Latina leaders in the Southeast.

• The LACCC was also the lead agency on the Temporary Protective Status (TPS) working group, organizing alongside Florida Immigrant Coalition and Black Alliance for Just Immigration to achieve Temporary Protective Status for the Haitian communities in United States.

• LACCC hosted its 4th annual Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival in Atlanta at the Auburn Avenue Research Library, screening a total of 32 films by or about the Latin American and Caribbean community in the United States and in their home countries. This year, a record number of people attended the 4-night film festival.

• Produced 52 two-hour radio bilingual shows for and by the Latino and Caribbean community dealing with issues such as the electoral process, migration in the southern region, etc.

In 2010, we have planned to expand our anti-oppression trainings, produce a radio series of six segments that center on US Foreign Policy in Colombia and Haiti, and launch our AfroLatina Sexual and Reproductive Rights Project.

Help us maintain our independence and to build a sustainable base of support for the LACCC’s work.

Please make a generous gift today to help us mobilize our community through media and popular education. Now is a critical time to support the Latin American and Caribbean Center. As you can see below, your support directly helps us create progressive long-term change:

A gift of $500 ensures that we can continue to provide our two-day bilingual anti-oppression trainings.

A gift of $250 will provide support as we launch our Afro Latina and Sexual and Reproductive Rights Project.

A gift of $100 supports our efforts to help air voices that are underrepresented in media, those of individuals and communities most affected by the issues we explore on a weekly basis.

A gift of $50 will provide access to popular media training for 1 community activist.

A gift of $25 purchases a microphone to be able to record stories in rural communities so that they can be aired on Radio Diaspora.

I ask you to support the work of the LACCC by making a donation today.
I also hope that you will consider becoming more involved by suggesting topics and guests for Diaspora Media, and telling us more about you and your interests now by clicking here.

The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center has been grateful for supporters like you donating generously, volunteering, participating in workshops and events, and your overall commitment to the mission to empower the growing Latino and Caribbean communities in the United States. Thanks for your contributions.

With warm regards and many thanks,

Janvieve Williams Comrie
Executive Director
Latin American and Caribbean Community Center
PO Box 89308
Atlanta, GA 30312

PS – Please give generously now. Let’s take advantage of this unique moment.

Our postal address is
PO Box 89308
Atlanta, Georgia 30312
United States


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