TAKE ACTION: Help Texas Dream Activists Reach the California Youth Training!


Help Texas Dream Activists Reach the California Youth Training!!!

Any donation is greatly appreciated, please donate at
Dear DREAM Act Supporter,

We are writing to you to ask for your support in an endeavor we feel will benefit our communities in the state of Texas. The Center for Community Change, the Campaign for Community Change, the Reform Immigration For America Campaign, the New Organizing Institute, and United We Dream have come together to host state-wide youth trainings for young immigrant advocates.

However, lack of funding will not allow some states to have a training on site. As a result, we were recently invited by the National DREAM Act organizers to bring several of our Texas leaders to Los Angeles, CA for a training. The goal of the training is to arm ourselves with the tools, knowledge and resources these trainings have to offer, and then come back to our state and work towards hosting our own Texas DREAM Camp, in order to reinvigorate all of our Texas Dream Activists with similar tools and knowledge.

We are really excited to be given this opportunity, but we realize if we want to make this happen we need to work fast. First we need your help so we can make it to Los Angeles!

Through DreamActivist, we are raising money to support our travel costs to and from this training. We greatly appreciate any help in this regards, whether that comes through making a donation to us, or forwarding this to others who may be able to donate or spread the word.

To learn more about the Youth Trainings, or to register to attend, visit: Youth Trainings

For more information on the current Dream Act movement in Texas, visit: The Texas Dream Act Alliance

With your help, we know we can make our dreams, and therefore the dreams of all Texas DREAMers, a reality.


United We DREAM,
DREAM Activist
Texas DREAM Act Alliance & the
University Leadership Initiative



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