Take Action Today- From NY to Florida to Arizona, Immigrant Communities Organize for Justice!


Take Action!

Support Justice & Human Rights for Immigrants —

From New York to Florida to Arizona!

Immigrant Communities Stand Up & Demand Justice Now

As most people prepared to celebrate the coming of a new year with friends, family, and community, Jean Montrevil spent his second night in jail after ICE arrested him during a routine check-in. A long-time legal permanent resident, active community leader, and father of four U.S. citizen children, Jean has spent the past 13 days in ICE custody, under the threat of imminent deportation and permanent separation from his family in New York. Jean’s story represents hundreds and thousands of people across the country affected by current immigration laws and policies, or what NNIRR’s most recent human rights report referred to as "an immigration control regime."

Guilty by Immigration Status notes:

The transition from the Bush Administration to the Obama Presidency was marked by the institutionalization of an immigration control regime that has extended immigration policing into almost all social, political and economic policy areas and aspects of U.S. life. From the womb to the workplace, from the border-line to the color-line, the U.S. government has converted immigration status into a racial, gender, social, political and economic marker that determines whether a person can raise and keep a family together, has access to employment with labor protections, social and health services, livable housing, clean air, water and soil, or has her rights ignored, changed and trampled merely for being, or even looking or sounding like, an "immigrant." (pp 1, Guilty by Immigration Status, September 2008, NNIRR) — Read full report here

In addition, a recent New York Times article revealed the cruelty and impunity of ICE agents’ abuse against immigrant detainees who have died in custody awaiting deportation. Read more here.


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