Call for Submissions: Migration, Mobility, Exchange, and the U.S. South

Southern Spaces ( invites proposals for essays, photo essays, original documentaries and multimedia projects about migration, mobility, and exchange in the regional and global reaches of the U.S. South. We encourage submissions that combine innovative scholarship and analysis with ideas for digital media elements such as images, maps, audio, or video.

From Charles Reagan Wilson’s “Routes of Reconciliation: Visiting Sites of Cultural Trauma in the U.S. South, Northern Ireland, and South Africa.”
From Charles Reagan Wilson’s Routes of Reconciliation: Visiting Sites of Cultural Trauma in the U.S. South, Northern Ireland, and South Africa

For this series, Southern Spaces will publish multimedia projects that explore migration, mobility, and exchange, particularly through audio, film, essay, art, photography, and other media. Original pieces might examine how the movements of individuals, populations, goods or ideas shape dynamic spaces, cultures, and identities within or in circulation with the U.S. South. Areas of focus could include migration, population displacement, transnationalism, globalization, geography, histories and legacies of coerced labor, travel and tourism, trade and industry, military service, language, sports and recreation, education, health care, epidemiology, foodways, political activism, environmental issues, popular culture, or the roles of emerging media, online social networks, and digital technologies. Pieces may focus on cultures, particular persons, places, industries or events, or, they may compare the treatment of ideas or images across several works, genres, or decades. To engage with space and place, projects might examine or compare geographically specific sites or imagined geographies related to the U.S. South.

From Mary Odem’s “Global Lives, Local Struggles: Latin American Immigrants in Atlanta.” 400-600 word proposals should include:

a description of the major ideas, arguments, and sources for the project the estimated page length of project text a list of multimedia (photo, audio, video) components a brief statement about why this work is a strong fit for this series

From Mary Odem’s Global Lives, Local Struggles: Latin American Immigrants in Atlanta

All proposals should be sent to Series Editor Mary Battle (<a href="mailto:marypbattle) by January 29, 2010. Please visit our submissions page for more information about developed projects or contact us with ideas, questions, or concerns. We are willing to vet ideas or discuss proposed topics and multimedia possibilities. Submissions proposed on or before January 29 will be considered for fall 2010 publication as part of the Migration, Mobility, and Exchange across the U.S. South series.

From Ellen Spears’ “Memorializing the Freedom Riders.”
From Ellen Spears’ Memorializing the Freedom Riders

Realizing that few scholars are experts in website design, Southern Spaces will work with authors, photographers, artists, and videographers in the process of producing image, sound, and video files for submissions. The Editorial Board and staff are committed to assisting scholars at varying levels of technological proficiency.

Pieces related to this series previously published on Southern Spaces:

Immigration and labor: Terry Easton, Geographies of Hope and Despair: Atlanta’s African American, Latino, and White Day Laborers.

Cultural exchange: Scott Matthews, John Cohen in Eastern Kentucky: Documentary Expression and the Image of Roscoe Halcomb During the Folk Revival.

Suburban development and population movement: Margaret T. McGehee, A Plague of Bulldozers: Celestine Sibley and Suburban Sprawl.

Railroad transformation: William G. Thomas, The Countryside Transformed: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Creation of a Modern Landscape.

Exchange of ideas: Matthew Miller, Dirty Decade: Rap Music and the U.S. South, 1997-2007.

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