TAKE ACTION: Walk With Them

"I support the walkers as they call on our nation’s leaders to ensure that young people, and all immigrants, have the chance to realize their potential and fully participate in society."
Clicking below will enable you to sign the above statement
trail of dreams - click here to sign


All Gaby Pacheco ever wanted was to finish college and teach music to disabled children.

Brought to the United States by her parents as a young girl, Gaby has excelled in school, done extensive community service, and become an accomplished musician. But in spite of her hard work, she’s excluded from the workplace solely because of her immigration status. And she’s not alone. Her story is like those of thousands of other immigrant children who every day are robbed of basic opportunities to live and thrive in this country.

So Gaby has has decided to walk. She and three fellow students are walking 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, D.C. to call on policymakers to fix a failed system that has kept them and millions of other immigrants in the shadows, with no pathway to a better life.

They’re asking you to “walk” with them. As they trek 18 long miles a day on their “Trail of Dreams," through unfamiliar towns and winter weather, your support will give them strength and communicate a powerful message that they are not alone. Everywhere they stop, Gaby and her fellow walkers will tell their stories, and they’ll also read comments from their supporters and announce the count of those who are behind them. Can you stand with them as they take their message to Washington?


By clicking the link above you’ll be able to sign the following statement: “I support the walkers as they call on our nation’s leaders to ensure that young people, and all immigrants, have the chance to realize their potential and fully participate in society.”

Gaby, 24, is joined on the walk by fellow students Carlos Roa, 22, Felipe Matos, 23, and Juan Rodriguez, 20. They all were brought to the US by their families when they were young, have excelled in school, worked hard, and contributed to their communities. And they all have faced the threat of being sent away from the only country they know as home.

These courageous young people know that there are clear pathways to fixing our failed immigration system — particularly for undocumented youth who have done nothing but work to achieve and give back to this country. They see the opportunity for this kind of change now, and are fighting to make it happen. They are risking their futures because their present is unbearable.

As people have shown through our history—from Mahatma Gandhi, to Rosa Parks, to Cesar Chavez—it’s moments like these, putting one’s life and future on the line, that make a difference.

The “Trail of Dreams” students are taking a brave stand so that others may have more opportunity than they did, and they need your support. Please join them in their walk and ask everyone you know to do the same. It only takes a moment:


Thanks and ¡Adelante!


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