“Aliens” in America tell it like it is…

Below is an excerpt of an opinion piece submitted by one of our readers, Nephtali.
Click on the attachment to read the entire piece.

I was once asked by a suspected immigrant, possibly undocumented, maybe "illegal,’ perhaps even an ‘alien,’ to tell it like it is. This was my response.

Pity the natives pegged as illegal immigrants. The word illegal places you beyond the law. Your presence is a crime. The word immigrant is also suspect, as immigrant makes you an intruder.

There is another supposition here. If illegality exists, so must legality. Whatever entity concludes that something is illegal must either be legal itself or be an impartial arbiter of legal and illegal. Should that entity become extreme, and peg you an illegal alien, you are transforemd into an out-of-this- world menace, a freak to be quickly deported back to your galaxy. This twilight zone politics is beyond earthlly ethics and morally acceptable responses to down to earth dynamics.

Beyond the stated, there is an even more Basic human condition to consider. Whenever a species comes into its own, it concludes that it has certain natural Rights, such as life, liberty and freedom from incursion, otherwise stated as freedom from homeland invasion. Needless to say, this also includes the natural protection from verbal attack, such as a body politic using the sophisticated corruption of words to drop a guillotine blade on your neck. ….

Aliens in America tell it like it is.doc


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