Opposition to Border Patrol Road on the Paso del Indio Nature Trail (Texas)

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Press Conference

For immediate Release…January 26th, 2010…5:00pm

Rio Grande International Study Center invites correspondents and reporters to a news conference at the RGISC office Wednesday, January 27th at 10am. RGICS office is located on the LCC campus at Building P-11, first floor. For directions or further information as for place and time, call RGISC office at (956)721-5392.

The Rio Grande International Study Center opposes the planned Border Patrol road on the Paso del Indio Nature Trail. The projected road on the banks of the Rio Grande is expected to have detrimental effects on the river vega:

Destruction of one mile of habitat necessary to over 1000 native wildlife species.
Destruction of some 449 mature trees in addition to thousands of smaller trees, shrubs and undergrowth.
Further erosion of the river bank.
Further siltation and pollution of the river.
Loss of valuable economic asset to the City of Laredo through destruction of a prime eco-tourism destination.
Degradation of an educational asset AKA Paso del Indio Nature Trail used annually by instructors and thousands of students at all educational levels from both Laredo and the remainder of the state.

To date the Border Patrol has not produced an environmental study or environmental assessment according to the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act. RGISC strongly believes that no work on the trail should proceed in the absence of such environmental studies and assessments. We see our role as essentially non-adversarial and believe that we can have a securely protected border while also protecting irreplaceable habitat and preventing further degradation of the Rio Grande.

This Thursday at 6:00pm, the Board of Trustees of the Laredo Community College will be asked to make a decision to give the Border Patrol legal access to the nature trail for immediate construction. We encourage the public to make their views known to the Trustees to assist them in making an informed decision.


Rio Grande International Study Center
Laredo Community College
Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.
Executive Director
(956)722-5676 Fax

Our Mission: To preserve, protect and foster respect for the Rio Grande-Rio Bravo, its watershed, environment and cultures, through research, education and bi-national stewardship and alliances with individuals, agencies and organizations.

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