2010 National Latino Congreso Results

2010 National Latino Congreso Results


Approximately 1,000 leaders and activists attended the 4th National Latino Congreso (NLC) in El Paso at the Camino Real during Jan 29-31. The NLC hosted delegations from over 100 organizations and elected officials for the three day convention on politics and policy. The delegates, observers, speakers, and guests came from eleven states (Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Mississippi, Virginia, Illinois, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC), as well as Mexico and Venezuela. Over 250 organizations, elected officials and prominent individuals endorsed the Latino Congreso, representing millions of Latino leaders and activists.

US Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Silvestre Reyes, as well candidates for Texas Governor and Lt. Governor addressed the Latino gathering. Issue experts and resource people as well as national Latino organization presidents also addressed the various plenary and break-out sessions. Some 54 resolutions amendments were approved by the delegates, they can all be viewed at: http://www.latinocongreso.org/resolutionsapproved.php?congreso_year=2010

Below is a sampling of the most noteworthy.

Immigrant Justice

1.NLC endorses CIR ASAP, Dream Act, AgJobs, and Proud Act, four paramount immigrant justice bills and urges immediate enactment by Congress and the President.
2.NLC announces plans for first ever Immigrant Justice Report Card to grade Congress and the White House on immigration policy.
3.NLC announces plans for coordinated Immigrant Justice Campaign of advocacy and mobilizations for CIR ASAP in February, March and May, 2010, including formation of c4 organization –the Latino Congreso Education Fund.
4.NLC announces plans for Immigrant Justice Accountability Project in the event that no immigrant justice bills are passed in 2010 including formation of a 527 and a PAC. IJAP will hold legislative incumbents accountability for their inaction during 2010 elections..
5.NLC criticizes Sen. Schumer principles underpinning proposed legislation. Calls for improvement of Schumer proposal along the lines of CIR ASAP before introduction to the Senate.
6.NLC calls for President Obama to put Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department into federal receivership pending Department of Justice investigations and calls for Department of Homeland Security to terminate all cooperative agreements between police and ICE in local jails.

7.NLC promotes slogan of “No Legalization, No Re-election (sin legalizacion no hay reeleccion!)” for immigrant justice campaigns.

8.NLC calls on White House and Congress to immediately abolish infamous 287G and Secure Communities programs that have resulted in racial profiling of Latinos and other minorities.

Building Jobs and Saving Homes
1.NLC calls for 2nd Economic Stimulus consisting of $500 billion jobs bill as well Moratorium on home mortgages, reforms of federal foreclosure and mortgage policy. Criticizes Obama $30 billion proposal as insufficient.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
1.NLC calls for Congressional enactment of Senator Boxer’s Climate Change bill in Senate by Earth Day, calls for amendment of cap and trade to take into account environmental justice impacts. Calls for inclusion of more funds for domestic and international adaptation funds in climate bills

Participation in 2010 Census
1.NLC urges full Latino and immigrant participation in the upcoming Census count. Calls on White House to declare moratorium on immigration enforcement measures like raids, firings and deportations during Census period. Also appeals for more federal outreach funds and preparation for “undercount statistical adjustment” for hard to count communities in the event of undercount.

US-Latin America Relations
1.NLC criticized President Obama’s tacit support of the Honduran coup d’état and also urged the international community to withhold recognition of the Honduran government until it proves its commitment to democracy and human rights.
2.NLC urged the White House to reverse course on the installation of military bases in Colombia and urged support for new development paradigms in Latin America that enable social and economic well being for the majority of people in the region.
3.NLC urged immediate release of most well know political prisoners in US –the Cuban Five.

Drug Policy Reform
1.NLC supports a resolution put forward by the City Council of El Paso, Texas calling for immediate action to end violence in Ciudad Juarez and calls for a paradigm shift in U.S. drug policy in order to reduce the harms associated with drug use and eliminate violence related to prohibition on both sides of the border.

This message was sent to dignidad by:
William C. Velasquez Institute
National Office
206 Lombard, 1st Floor
San Antonio, TX 78226
(210) 922-3118 California Office
2914 N. Main St., 1st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(323) 222-2217 Florida Office
2646-A NW 21st Terrace
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 635-6965


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