TAKE ACTION: We need your signature to stop sexual harassment at Giumarra Vineyards


We need your signature to stop sexual harassment at Giumarra Vineyards

Last week we shared the story of a teenager who, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), was subjected to repeated sexual harassment while working for the nation’s largest table grape grower–Giumarra vineyards.

Instead of dealing with the situation like a responsible employer, Giumarra Vineyards fired this young girl. It also fired two of her relatives and a friend who complained to management.

More than 7,000 supporters responded and signed the online petition to Giumarra Vineyards. This petition will be handed in on February 15, by a delegation of women led by UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta.

We don’t yet have your signature. Be part of this moment. Sign the petition now and send a strong message to Giumarra and their Nature’s Partner label that you will not accept this outrageous conduct.

Thank you for always being there for "La Causa."

Take Action at: http://action.ufw.org/eeoc

Make a donation to help Giumarra workers fight back.
Go to: https://secure.ufw.org/page/contribute/giumarra110

Want to learn more about the Giumarra campaign?
Go to: http://www.ufw.org/giumarra

Want to see the EEOC Lawsuit & press release?
Go to: http://action.ufw.org/eeocpapers

Can you do one more thing?

To really drive the message home to Giumarra/Nature’s Partner, we want to ask you to take one more step.

Can you please take 1 minute and post a comment directly on Nature’s Partner’s website?

It’s easy to do. Just click on the link above and post a message like the below example. (If you can put it into your own words that would be even better.):

I am astonished and dismayed at Giumarra’s disregard of the law. This is not medieval times. In the 21st century workers have the right to speak up to protect themselves and others. Giumarra is not above the law. It is astonishing that the EEOC was forced to file suit against Giumarra Vineyards for violating federal law by sexually harassing a teenage farm worker and retaliating against workers who came to her aid.

As the world’s largest table grape company, your behavior helps set the industry standard. You should be ashamed of the example you are setting both in this case with the sexual harassment and retaliation and with your dismal history of worker protection. This behavior reflects negatively on your company and your Nature’s Partner label.

Stop the sexual harassment and retaliation for field workers who speak up or support the UFW. Your consumers are watching.

This extra step can do a lot to make sure Giumarra and it’s Nature’s Partner label are aware that their customers are watching them.

Thank you!

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