ARIZONA: The UA Roots of Ollin Project


The UA Roots of Ollin Project

Please help support M.E.Ch.A’s efforts to build an arch through their Root of
Ollin project. The Arch and The Roots of Ollin is an inspirational
representation of the hard work of union workers, students, faculty, and the
community members that have supported the many movements. The Arch is
a way to give thanks to the community for their hard work in helping
to save the Chicano Hispano Student Center and Raza Studies.

This arch will be outside the César Chavez building. It will be made out of
tiles. It will pay homage to César Chavez, Dolores Huerta, M.E.Ch.A and the
many Tucson organizations and people that have made a difference in the
community. It is important for the arch to have pictures of Tucson organizers
as well as others because it is a form of teaching through pictures. It will
also inspire conversation about the people located on the arch.

A peace garden, walkway & murals
This garden will have Chavez roses. People can purchase roses and have them
planted in their name. The garden will be a tranquil place for those who need a
moment to reflect on their day. There are many students that like to meditate.
So they can stop and reflect on their day. This garden will be a safe place for
meditation and reflection. The walkway will consist of rocks that are engraved
with the names and faces of people that have been an inspiration in the
movement. The rocks may also contain quotes. When students walk down the path,
it will give them strength to carry on. Lastly, there will be murals inside the
building. They can either be a mosaic or tile mural or even paintings. These
murals will be an artistic push forward to make the Chavez building part of our
home. The murals will add color to an otherwise boring looking building. Many
students spend most of their day in the Chicano Hispano Students Affairs
Center. Many of those students are away from home and the murals will help make
it more welcoming.

Raffle Tickets
We are now selling raffle ticks for the following art pieces. All proceeds go to
Arch Building efforts. The tickets are: 1= $3; 2=$5; 5=$10; 12=$20. To buy
tickets, please contact Jessica Mejia 520-861-5534 or jfmejia

Thank you.

Raffle will be held on Feb 16.

* This efffort is being supported by all the Raza organizations in the Cesar
Chavez Building at the University of Arizona and the Arizona Cesar E.
Chavez Holiday Coalition.

Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
Assistant professor
Cesar Chavez Bldg Room 214
PO BOX 210023
Tucson AZ 85721


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