SAN ANTO: NO CPS rate hikes for dirty energy!::Action WED @ 1:15pm!

Lacomunidad says NO rate hikes
for dirty energy!

Press Conference and meeting
City Council Chambers
(Main + Commerce)
at 1:15pm WED FEB 10

CPS is proposing ten years worth of rate hikes with no clear plan for clean energy and no detailed account for spending. CPS will be discussing the rate hikes at city council B-session meeting tomorrow at 2pm. They are not having citizens to be heard, but the community wants to speak about this! Call your council member and let them know you want them to add citizens to be heard to the agenda tomorrow! Come out and let city council know we as a community want clean alternatives and we want City Council to work with the community plans already in progress to move us towards more just environmental policies. Call the Esperanza with any questions! 228-0201.
CallyourCouncilRepresentative right now!
Request “citizens to be heard” be added to tomorrow’s open meeting on CPS rate hikes!Mayor Julián Castro (210) 207-7060
District 1 Mary Alice P. Cisneros (210) 207-7279
District 2 Ivy R. Taylor (210) 207-7278
District 3 Jennifer V. Ramos (210) 207-7064
District 4 Philip A. Cortez (210) 207-7281
District 5 David Medina, Jr. (210) 207-7043
District 6 Ray Lopez (210) 207-7065
District 7 Justin Rodriguez (210) 207-7044
District 8 W. Reed Williams (210) 207-7086
District 9 Elisa Chan (210) 207-7325
District 10 John G. Clamp (210) 207-7276

922 San Pedro • San Antonio TX 78212 • 210.228.0201
(entrance on W. Evergreen, 1/2 mile north of downtown)

Call if you have questions 228-0201

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