SAN ANTO: 20th Annual Internat’l Woman’s Day March & Rally Soon!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Genevieve Rodriguez 210.228.0201

or 210-689-7112

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

International Woman’s Day March

On Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 10:00 am women and community from San Antonio, and neighboring South Texas communities will meet at Bowie and Market Streets in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the 20th Annual International Woman’s Day March. A thousand women marched last year and organizers are preparing for the numbers to be even bigger for 2010. This year’s rally will include speakers and performers from San Antonio and from throughout the US representing various social justice movements and women led organizations. These mujeres fuertes include Betita Martinez, Patricia Castillo, Petra Mata, Viola Casares, Vero Castillo and local Palo Alto College dancers. We march in solidarity to bring forth urgent and diverse issues affecting us, on the local, national, and global scales, such as healthcare, housing, environmental justice, and fair wages for everyone. We recognize that gender oppression manifests through multiple and intersecting issues that shape the lives of people of color, youth and elders, the dis/abled, immigrants, indigenous peoples, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, two-spirit, transgender, queer women, and poor and working class people. This march recognizes and weaves together various struggles pertaining to gender oppression, ranging from the ongoing femicide of poor and working class women in Juarez to the women cleaning rooms at the Grand Hyatt Hotel right here in San Antonio. The Hyatt workers continue to fight the corporate practice of poverty wages and unfair labor environment.

After twenty years of the International Woman’s Day March in San Antonio, we find ourselves still struggling to achieve many of the same goals in 2010. The City has jeopardized our public space, upon which we take a stand and voice our common struggles and dissent. Our streets, parks and plazas, remains inaccessible to our community, due to the Parade Ordinance, which charges prohibitive costs to march on our streets, effectively silencing our free speech. At this critical historical crossroads in which the U.S. has increased its military presence in Afghanistan, equitable access to healthcare hangs in the balance, the public education system and universities face impending implosion, we take to the streets to not only visibilize our struggles, but also to march in solidarity with women and allies across the U.S. and the world.

What: International Woman’s Day March

Where: Bowie and Market Street in front of the Grand Hyatt Hotel

When: Saturday, March 6, 2010 – 10:00 AM

Immediate Press Release-1.doc

IWD 2010 Vision Statement.doc

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