HOUSTON: People’s Movement Assembly: Feb 27

People’s Movement Assembly

Get ready for the 2010 USSF in Detroit by holding a People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) with your organization, community, region, or sector! PMA’s are community meetings that are happening across the country from August 2009 until June 2010 to bring our visions, demands, and strategies to the 2010 USSF.


The PMA is a gathering of people (25, 250 or more!) who come together to identify community issues, discuss solutions, and commit to actions.

The Assembly is an organizing tool . . .

BEFORE the FORUM: Communities, movement sectors, and regions will gather, reflect, discuss, and articulate the big issues facing our world as well as explore strategic solutions and alternative practices. Communities make commitments at the Assemblies about how to get to the Forum, what to bring to the Forum, and what to bring back.

DURING the FORUM: Organizations will collaborate to hold Assemblies throughout the five days of the Forum to culminate in a national Peoples Movement Assembly on the last day.

AFTER the FORUM: Coordinated actions across the country! The Assembly process offers the opportunity to collectively create action plans and political directions for our movements in the US, our regions, and our local communities.

Movements throughout the US are facilitating People’s Movement Assemblies (PMA) to mobilize and build solidarity among communities, regions, and movement sectors coming to the US Social Forum. Individuals and organizations will use these assemblies to share our common dreams and collaborate on our plans for action. By holding a PMA you’ll be mobilizing your community for Detroit, while connecting your local struggles with those of other communities. When we leave the 2010 USSF we’ll be all the more connected, both to our local communities, and to the rest of the country, and thus stronger and more prepared to mobilize for local and large-scale actions.

For More Information, see attachment.



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