TAKE ACTION: Urge EPA to protect farm worker kids


Urge EPA to protect farm worker kidsComment period ends March 5


Children in farming communities are on the front lines every day because they live, play and learn near agricultural fields.

Pesticides applied to fields don’t stay put– they drift, vaporize, land in homes and on schoolyards. Current regulations don’t account for reality. Rural and farm worker kids face this reality everyday; they also live with more poverty and less healthcare than most of the rest of the nation.

Thanks in part to advocacy efforts with our partners, the US EPA is currently considering three related actions that would go a long way towards addressing the realities of pesticide drift exposure in farming communities: stronger buffer zones, better drift labeling, and updated risk assessments.

Please help and be part of the solution. Sign our petition urging the EPA to protect farm worker children. And tell your friends to do so too. Join the UFW & our partners in this historic push for change.

If we do this now, an entire generation will grow up with less childhood cancer, fewer developmental disabilities and a better chance at life.

Please join us.

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Check out our website at: www.ufw.org and keep up with the latest news.

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