Upcoming LNR Print Issue Seeking Submissions / Past Print Editions Now Available Online!

Querid@s Companer@s –

Two quick announcements:

Past editions of the printed LNR newspapers are now available online!
You can visit: https://nuevaraza.wordpress.com/in-print/ to check them out.

Submit your articles / art / events for the next print edition of LNR!

It’s about that time! A lack of funding for printing and distribution have prohibited us from working on another print edition, but we’re going to go ahead and create another issue and hope that we can find the funding we need to print and distribute as we’ve done since 2004.

This being said, we are seeking articles for this upcoming issue…but they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be BY the gente, FOR the gente (in other words the voice of the article must not come from an intermediary, it must come from the source…those affected or at the center of the issue being written about.)
  • Should highlight a local community struggle or issue that affects the broader community in/out of the state
  • Can be poetry / art
  • Must not endorse a political candidate / party.

Email your submissions to: editor.lnr You will be notified if your article is chosen.

If you are interested in ADVERTISING in this issue, please contact us via email for ad rates at: editor.lnr

To get a better idea about our angle / perspective, you can read the ABOUT US page at: https://nuevaraza.wordpress.com/about/

To view past print editions, visit: https://nuevaraza.wordpress.com/in-print/

Hope to hear from you soon!

En Solidaridad,



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