Roots of Racism: The Empire-Domination Model and Maricopa County Sheriff J. Arpaio

The Empire-Domination Model and the
Community Indictment of Maricopa County Sheriff J. Arpaio

Roots of Racism

Indigenous Law Institute

January 16th March for Human Rights Phoenix, Arizona

The Empire-Domination Model

On May 4, 1493, Pope Alexander VI issued a papal document known as the bull Inter Caetera . The document, issued at the request of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, purported to "give" to the two Catholic monarchs all the lands which Cristobal Colon (Columbus) had "discovered" and any such lands that should be "discovered" in the future. The only limit that the pope placed on his grant was that the Ferdinand and Isabella should not attempt to "take over" lands that had been previously taken over by some other Christian prince. Among other things, the pope stated it to be his desire that non-Christian nations be "subjugated" (militarily overtaken) and made to become Christians. The pope saw the Catholic monarchs as working to spread the "Christian Empire." "We trust in Him [the Catholic God]," said the pope, "from whom empires, dominations, and all good things proceed."

The empire-domination model presumes that it is justifiable for an immigrant sovereign (say England. France, Spain, or Portugal) to happen upon a country inhabited by free and independent nations, and then to simply presume "the right" to militarily take over that country by force, and to put the original inhabitants under the foreign rule of the empire-builders. The papal bull is reflective of a language system which presumes that it is permissible for one people to assume a divine right of empire and domination over another people.



"All Peoples Have the Right of Self Determination"
UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (1960)

Essential Question:

When, where and how did the government of the Mexican Republic of 1848 acquire the legal right to represent the Indigenous Nations of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Territories in terms of negotiating our inherent rights of territory and Human Rights before the government in Washington DC?

If no such communication, consent or right of representation was given, then by what doctrine, or legal principle do the jurisdictions of US authority depend?


The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will be addressing the issue of the impact and effect of international borders on the Nations of Indigenous Peoples and their territories at the next session in April of 2010. Following through on the call by the Indigenous Peoples Global Caucus, the Permanent Forum will be addressing the Human Rights violations resulting from immigration enforcement policies and laws, with particular focus on the situation in Maricopa County.

Beginning with the intellectual and religious rationalization of the Doctrine of Discovery given by the Papal Bull Inter Caetera of 1493, the systematic and genocidal policies of the government states of the Americas that perpetuate colonization to this day require that the liberal elements of their national societies remain in alignment and in collusion with the lies and policies of European American (white) supremacy.

Now, in the territories of Arizona and the Greater Southwest, the wake up call from the nightmare of Manifest Destiny resounds with the call for a National Human Rights Movement, strategically linked to the international movement for Human Rights across the planet.

Otherwise, the capitulation of the regional movement for social justice in North America is foreseen. The control mechanisms of economic and political manipulation by power brokers results in the framing of the issues solely with the context of the "jurisprudence of oppression": the legal systems of the colonizing states that will only allow for "comprehension" (read: comprehensive) in terms of the self affirming Doctrines of Dominion and racial profiling that place the European American power structures (both Anglo-American and Hispanic-American) in discriminatory positions of power and preference over the Nations and Pueblos of Indigenous Peoples, and our relatives – whether or not they may be documented as "citizens" of one or the other republics that are themselves derivatives of a universally acknowledged illegal colonization of our continent, Abya Yala.

Tupac Enrique Acosta
Embassy of the Indigenous Peoples

"The so-called “illegals” are so not because they wish to defy the law; but, because the law does not provide them with any channels to regularize their status in our country – which needs their labor: they are not breaking the law, the law is breaking them."

Most Reverend Thomas Wenski, Bishop of Orlando

Community Development Institute
802 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006


Roots of Racism: The Empire-Domination Model and Community Indictment of Maricopa County Sheriff J. Arpaio


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