SAN ANTO: Rally & Parking Info for Int’l Woman’s Day March

International Woman’s Day
March & Rally
Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mujeres, La Fuerza de La Lucha – Women Leading the Struggle

Image by local artist/activist Adriana Garcia

Sat, March 6, 2010 @ 10 am

San Antonio, TX

Meet at Bowie and Market St
(front of Grand Hyatt)

Rally at Plaza del Zacate (Milam Park)
(501 W Commerce, across from Santa Rosa Hospital)

This year’s march will start in front of the Grand Hyatt to put pressure on the hotel to end their oppressive anti-union actions and mistreatment of women workers! Join us to march in the streets in solidarity with women and social justice movements here in San Antonio and all over the globe!

Bring your kids, parents, friends, co-workers … everyone!

Check out this woman’s day march video!

Speakers at this years march include:

Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez-
is a widely known Chicana writer, activist, and lecturer. Now director of the Institute for Multiracial Justice in San Franciso.
"Elizabeth Martinez’s work comprises one of the most important living histories of progressive activism in the contemporary era…[Martinez is] inimitable…irrepressible…indefatigable" – Angela Davis

Petra Mata + Viola CasarezFuerza Unida
Patricia Castillo P.E.A.C.E. Initiative
Marisol Cortez Southwest Workers Union
Monica Ramos
Youth Leadership organizations

Iola Scott Unite HERE
Antonia Padilla SA Gender Assoc + Esperanza Center
Veronica Castillo MujerArtes
Lisa Caldera Public School Educator
Organix Dance group


Kiawitl Xochitl Hip hop MC, activist, graffiti artist Suzy Bravo Soul/rock vocalist
Amanda Perez Poet/artist

For bio’s click here

Parking suggestions

$5 City Parking between W. Commerce & Houston St and North Side Houston
RiverCenter Parking Garage
UTSA parking under the bridge South of W. Commerce


Meters on Leona (behind Pico de Gallo) “2hrs only”
Meters on Houston St. (along side Plaza del Zacate) on both sides of the street
Meters on W. Commerce (along side Plaza del Zacate) on Mercado side of street

Bus routes
Yellow Trolley Route goes by Plaza del Zacate (Milam park) on commerce stops in front of the Grand Hyatt on E Market. $1.10 & $.55 seniors and students
Bus routes: $1.10 & $.55 discount
75 (frequent) west side W. Commerce to Grand Hyatt turns into 25 downtown (25- east commerce to dtwn)
66 (frequent) west side Ceralvo by Grand Hyatt turns into 24 downtown (24 –east Houston to dwntwn)

Join us after the March!

We, like women and girls all over the world, are the voices of conscience, the roots of change, and the leaders of local and global movements. Out of love for our communities, we come together time and again to envision and create a world in which all people are free from exploitation, oppression, and violence. As women and girls, we have learned the meaning of these injustices. Our work has gone unpaid. Our bodies have been bought and sold. Our desires have been demonized. Our voices have been silenced. And our efforts to come together have been violently repressed by institutions of power like governments, churches, banks, schools, prisons, and other spaces in which we have been subjected to oppression. We have come together to make positive social change and have been the targets of racist, classist, homophobic, and sexist attacks. Despite this history of repression, we continue to stand together, unwavering on the issues that are of critical importance to our communities. We seek healthcare, housing, education, and fair wages not just as women, but also as people of color, as youth and elders, as immigrants and indigenous people, as lesbian, bisexual, intersex, two-spirit, transgender, and queer women, and as poor, and working class people. We oppose all forms of violence. We advocate for reproductive choice. We call for an end to war, genocide, and occupation. We claim our own voices and come together to share them in public spaces. We march in solidarity with women and social justice movements around the world.


Esperanza Peace & Justice Ctr. (210)228-0201,
Fuerza Unida (210)927-2294,
Martinez St. Women’s Ctr. (210)534-6638
P.E.A.C.E. Initiative (210)533-2729 || unsubscribe


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