TAKE ACTION: We Need Your Help: March for America on 3/21

Dear Friends,

We are gearing up for an important mobilization on March 21st and we need your help. President Obama promised an immigration reform bill that provides a common-sense solution for our broken immigration system, one that provides a path to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented and serves the national interest.

But it’s getting late in the game, the administration has actually expanded the failed enforcement-only approach of the Bush administration, and the opportunity could well be lost to set things right if we don’t act now. While Washington dithers, millions suffer. On March 21st, 100,000 immigrants and their allies will march on Washington to say to the White House and Congress, Enough Beltway gridlock! Enough political double-speak! Immigration reform now! Demonstrate the courage that change demands!

MARCH 21, 2010

Washington, DC

The March for America

Change Takes Courage!


· # of days to the March on Washington: 18

  • # of buses New York will send: 200
  • # of riders on those buses: 10,000
  • Cost per rider, in dollars: 30


  • # of deportations annually: 350,000
  • # of immigrants detained annually: 400,000
  • # of families and communities torn apart: Innumerable
  • Percent increase in the rate of deportation in the first year of the Obama administration: 18
  • # of people deported in the 28 days till we march on Washington: 28,000
  • Projected benefit to our national economy if we pass immigration reform: $1.5 trillion increase in gross domestic product
  • The value of having the President fulfill his promise and a Congress that actually gets things done: Priceless

We need your help!

A mobilization of this scope doesn’t come easily. Won’t you help us show the White House and Congress that we mean business and the nation won’t accept continued DC inaction?

  • Your organization can help by sending one or more buses to DC
  • Individuals can volunteer to mobilize their community
  • You can donate to sponsor a bus or a number of riders

For Organizations: You can join this historic March by mobilizing your members to participate. Each bus carries 50 people. The New York Immigration Coalition is aggressively fundraising to help cover part of the transportation costsfor organizations. Please return the RSVP form below so that we can contact you with more logistical and transportation information.

For Volunteers: Your volunteer efforts can and will make a HUGE IMPACT. You can help by recruiting your family, friends, and neighbors as well as your faith and social networks to get on the bus on March 21st. To become a volunteer, you have to participate in one training call, maintain close coordination with the NYIC, and commit to drumming up support in your community to help mobilize and fundraise for March 21st.

To Donate: You can sponsor a bus ($1,500 per bus) or a number riders ($30 per rider). Please make your check payable to New York Immigration Coalition (Write “March on Washington” in memo line and send it to 137-139 West 25th Street, 12th Floor). Click here to make a donation on-line.

Please return this RSVP form to March21 or fax it to: 212- 627-9314

Name __________________________ Phone_____________________________________

Organization or Affiliation__________________ Staff Contact: _________________________

Address_____________________________________ Email________________________________

_____ My organization will mobilize __________(# of people to participate)

_____ I want to volunteer to help mobilize my community, which I describe as: ___________________

_____ I will donate _________ to sponsor______ (# of buses at $1,500 per bus)

_____ I will donate _________ to sponsor _______ riders ($30/per rider)

For More Information Visit: www.thenyic.org or www.wemarchforamerica.org or call 212-627-2227 ext. 221

March for America flyer.pdf

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