“US Citizens only” say these coporations (in violation of the law)

Here are some companies that have recently advertised jobs for U.S. Citizens (only). For shame. Certain laws requre that only U.S. Citizens may hold some government positions (including police officers, for example). But most other employers with four or more employees are NOT allowed to discriminate on the basis of citizenship if the employee/potential employee is authorized to work in the U.S.

Breakthrough, Austin


Hertz Coporation

Hillstone Restaurant Group

Glazer’s Distributors

YES Prep Public Schools


And here are some employers that recently advertised jobs without any citizenship restrictions:

Austin Film Festival
Austin/Travis County Integral Care (ATCMHMR)
Burke Center
Disney College & Professional Internships
Environmental Defense Fund
Hyatt Regency Lost Pines
Living Dirct, Inc.
Logical Information Machinees, a Morningstar Company
Medix Staffing Solution
Texas Historical Commission

You can see these and other postings at the UT Liberal Arts Career Services website, which invites employers to specify what categories of people (with respect to citizenship) they wish to hire; and even offers an option for “citizenship screening).

Walgreens | Liberal Arts Career Services.pdf
Glazer’s Distributors | Liberal Arts Career Services.pdf
Hillstone Restaurant Group | Liberal Arts Career Services.pdf
Facebook | Liberal Arts Career Services.pdf
Breakthrough Austin | Liberal Arts Career Services.pdf


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