Click to Find Cesar Chavez Day Events


Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day!

Cesar Chavez’s March 31 birthday is soon approaching and we are recieving requests throughout the country for a list of Cesar Chavez events in your neighborhood. We are thrilled to be able to announce that we have launched a new user-friendly calendar tool that allows our supporters to to share your local Chavez events–no event is too small or too big. This interactive tool also allows to the public to search for them by zip code and the events appear on a map.

If you’re planning a Cesar Chavez event, it even allows folks to RSVP to your event and allows you to recruit event volunteers.

And if you would like to attend a Cesar Chavez event, you can do a search by zip code and look for events within a 5 to 100 mile radius.

To list a Cesar Chavez event go to:

To find a local Cesar Chavez event go to:

Please attend one of these events and celebrate the legacy of Cesar Chavez!

Viva Cesar Chavez!

Jocelyn Sherman
UFW Internet Communications Director

PS: The featured events below are just a sampling of the overall events. There are already more than 40 additional events that supporters around the country have added to our online calendar of events, so please add your events and search for events in your local area.


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