TAKE ACTION: Sign the Petition for a National Cesar E. Chavez Holiday!


Sign the Petition for a National Cesar E. Chavez Holiday!

The United Farm Workers and the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation are proud to support the grassroots efforts of the Cesar E. Chavez National Holiday Coalition.

Cesar was, in Sen. Robert F. Kennedy’s words, "one of the heroic figures of our time." He led the historic non-violent movement for farm worker rights and dedicated himself to building a movement of poor working people that extended beyond the fields and into cities and towns across the nation.

He inspired farm workers and millions of people who never worked on a farm to commit themselves to social, economic and civil rights activism. Cesar’s legacy, like the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., continues to educate, inspire and empower people from all walks of life. He is a role model for all Americans and for generations to come.

Please help us ensure all Americans learn about Cesar’s life and work. The Cesar Chavez National Holiday Coalition is gathering signatures on petitions asking Congress to designate March 31, Cesar’s birthday and the day the UFW was founded, as Cesar Chavez Day.

Sign the petition today. Help ensure Cesar’s legacy is recognized and celebrated throughout our nation with a federal paid holiday and a day of service and learning in our public schools.

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Take Action at: http://action.ufw.org/cecholiday

Want to attend a Cesar Chavez event?
Go to http://action.ufw.org/find to search for an event near you.

Want to list an event on our local interactive community calendar?
Go to http://action.ufw.org/list to list your event.

Have photos/video of your local Cesar Chavez event that you’d like to have us post on our Cesar Chavez resource page at ufwofamer

Cesar Chavez marches happening this weekend. Donate to help.

Thousands of workers are marking Cesar Chavez’s March 31 birthday by marching to let the growers know they are ready to stand up for their rights. The UFW is committing resources towards a month of marches and events. This past weekend, more than 15,000 people flooded the streets of Salinas; 5,000 marched in Santa Rosa; and close to 2,000 marched in Oxnard. This coming weekend, we expect thousands to march in Delano, Mecca, San Fernando and nationwide.

Help fund these marches. We want to make sure as many farm workers as possible can join in. Make a gift to the UFW and help us pay for permits, flags, and organizers.

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s march in Delano. I really like it when people get together …You can almost feel the spirit of Cesar Chavez still going.
Isabel Rojas, Nursery worker

Stand with La Causa and help continue Cesar’s mission.

Thank You and Viva Cesar Chavez!

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