Latina/o student “limpia” of UC Berkeley and other activities


University of California, Berkeley

is a proud co-sponsor of the following activities, organized by Latina/o

student groups Xinaxtly and Yque. Please, see the attachment for more

details. The activities include a "limpia" of the university in

commemoration of Cesar Chavez’s birthday on March 31st.

Start Time:

Monday, March 29, 2010 at 6:00pm

End Time:

Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 11:00pm


UC Berkeley (various locations, see flyer)


Xinaxtli is a student group at UC Berkeley whose purpose is to support the

empowerment of Xican@/Latin@ communities. Grounded in various indigenous,

feminist, and social justice politix and philosophies, Xinaxtli’s goals

are to provide a space for Raza folks to become politically active, to

strengthen their spirituality, and to engage with the campus and larger

community. In Nahuatl, "xinaxtli" means a seed’s energy and its eminent

possibility of growing/blossoming into any form, reflecting the group’s

views of the infinite possibilities of group power.

Young Queers United for Empowerment (YQUE) is a student group for those

who identify as queer Latin@. The group primarily focuses on providing a

safe space to dialogue about the intersections of race and sexuality, on

creating a social environment to build community, and on being politically

active on campus and larger community. "Y qué" translates from Spanish to

"so what?," reflecting the group’s politicized attitude of addressing the

often controversial topics of race/racism and homophobia/heterosexism.

Xinaxtli and YQUE together form xYQUEnxatli, signifying the strength in

collaboration, and in our shared vision of decolonization that places the

intersectionality of our identities central to our organizing. In

solidarity with the recent mobilizations in protest of the

racist/misogynist attacks targeting the black community at UC-San Diego,

and the homophobic and anti-Semitic vandalism at UC-Davis, xYQUEnaxtli

comes together to highlight that racism/heterosexism/homophobia/mysogeny

and other forms of oppression are also experienced at UC Berkeley and

other universities across the globe.

In the spirit of decolonizing the university, we come together this week

to underscore that institutions and administration play a crucial role in

contributing and perpetuating the aforementioned forms of hate and


We hope the university and administration let go of the negative energy

that it generates and, instead, begins to align with marginalized

communities, like those organizing from below, in creating a safe

university where respect and decolonial love are fostered.

If you would like to be removed from this listserve please e-mail:

clpr with the subject line: REMOVE FROM LIST. Please, give

us up to a week to process your request.

Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR)

University of California, Berkeley

2420 Bowditch Street #5670-Mailing Address

2547 Channing Way-Location

Berkeley, CA 94720

510)642-6903 FAX(510)643-8844

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm


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