Mistrial for Immigrant Rights Activist Rama Carty

Mistrial for Immigrant Rights Activist Rama Carty

by Austin Indymedia Sunday, Mar. 21, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Original article is at http://houston.indymedia.org/news/2010/03/70033.php

Update on trials of immigrant rights activist Rama Carty.

video: MPEG at 5.5 mebibytes

The trial of immigrant rights activist Rama Carty ended in a mistrial Friday afternoon (March 19th, 2010). Carty, who led hunger strikes last summer at the Port Isabel Detention Center in south Texas, was being charged with assaulting immigrant detention guards while being forceably hand-cuffed during a transfer to another detention center. Carty has consistently claimed that it was he, and not the officers, that was the victim of the assault in the incident.

The day before the alleged assault, Amnesty International visited Carty about the conditions at immigrant detention centers and the hunger strike in which Mr. Carty was participating with other detainees. Following this visit by Amnesty International, Immigration and Customs Enforcement transferred Rama Carty to another detention center in Jena, Louisiana.

Rama Carty spoke with Austin Imdymedia the night before the trial about why he believes the government has charges against him. View video clip posted on this article. (15 seconds)

The Federal Government has not announced yet if there will be a re-trial of Rama Carty for assault. Mr. Carty is currently fighting his deportation and speaking out against immigrant detention.

More information on the trial and Rama Carty from The Brownsville Herald and others:

Listen to a longer audio interview excerpt posted on this article. (3 minutes)


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