SAN ANTO: Pinata Protest CD release show April 24th @ Limelight

The San Antonio, TX foursome Piñata Protest takes a bat to the paper mache conventions of traditional Chicano music and punk rock to smash it all open and scatter sheer fun and zesty energy about that gets the fiesta hopping. On their debut album, Plethora, they ‘forcefully take the raw essence of conjunto into warp-speed tempos and punky aggression,’ observes the San Antonio Current, which rates the band as ‘one of the most original forces on the local music scene.’ With the accordion front and center, the band mixes everything from the migrant worker tale of Campesino to the newest borderland twists on teenaged kicks with a sound they call ‘punk rock-y-roll.’ As Texas Street Scene observes, ‘Their mix of conjunto and punk rock always brings a crowd to their feet and are sure to keep you moving throughout the night,’ and Plethora is an intoxicating keg of Tecate with a bushel of limes that signals a powerful new musical wrinkle in music from Texas for the world.

From: Álvaro Del Norte


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