TAKE ACTION: Call/Email Austin City Council to Show Your Support for FIESTAS PATRIAS

Amigos Y Familia,

This Thursday, April 8th the Austin City Council will consider resolution and Item#29 sponsored by Mayor Pro Tem Martinez, Mayor Leffingwell and Council Member Cole to support funding for the annual Fiestas Patrias Cinco de Mayo and Diez y Seis cultural events at Fiesta Gardens from the Holly Good Neighbor Program.

29 . Approve a resolution directing the City Manager to allocate $90,000 from the Holly Good Neighbor “Cultural Arts” Program to fund the Pachanga Music Festival and the Fiestas Patrias. (Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez Mayor Lee Leffingwell Council Member Sheryl Cole)
Backup Material (resolution attached)

For over 30 years the Velasquez family and the Fiesta Patrias organization through proceeds raised by these annual events  have contributed over $500,000 to support many Austin area youth and families through scholarship opportunities, youth sports, recreation center activities, cultural art programs, ballet folklorico and an annual Thanksgiving dinner.

We need your support this week in one or more of the following ways:

1)      Attend Thursday’s City Council Meeting at City Hall, 301 West 2nd Street and speak in support of Item#29;
2)      Drop by City Hall between now and 10am Thursday to sign up in support of Item#29
3)      Call members of the Austin City Council and express your support for Item#29 (see list of Council Members and phone numbers and sample message)

Mayor Leffingwell 974-2250
Mayor Pro Tem Martinez 974-2264
Council Member Chris Riley 974-2260
Council Member Randi Shade 974-2255
Council Member Laura Morrison 974-2258
Council Member Bill Spelman 974-2256
Council Member Sheryl Cole 974-2266

Hi my name is____________________________ and I’m calling to add my name to the list of supporters of Item#29 and the Fiestas Patrias organization.  And I am respectfully requesting that Council Member__________________ vote in support of Item#29. Thank you.

4)      Email members of the Austin City Council and express your support for Item#29 (see link below to email the entire Austin City Council in one email along with sample message)



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