Call for poetry entries: Chapbook en espanol/nahuatl y english

Call for poetry entries: Chapbook en espanol/nahuatl y english

In the spirit of  Caracol, Aztlan Libre Press is calling for entries for a chapbook of poetry written in  espanol/nahuatl y english. Caracol released NAHUALLIANDOING: español/nahuatl/english in 1977, with Cecilio García-Camarillo describing the Nahuatl language as “a hummingbird,” and a “language that is not that foreign to us.” The chapbook was put together by he, and Mia García-Camarillo who collaborated on NOTAS, Angela de Hoyos who proofread, and Max Martinez who wrote the blurb [“Una subconsciencia indígena”].


For the García-Camarillo’s, the idea came about after reading Robledo’s Diccionario de la Mitología Nahuatl. They were looking for a name for their son, eventually choosing Itzolin.  But they felt they should take the experience further, so they decided to call on “poets throughout Aztlan,” and asked them to create poetry using all three languages. As one of its first publications,  Aztlan Libre Press is doing the same.

Chapbook Entry Guidelines

What to Submit:

Email submissions:

  • Attach your MS Word doc.  to an e-mail and send it to xicanopoetry at yahoo dot com. Type “Chapbook submission – Author’s name” in subject line. Include a short bio, no more than 50 words, on a separate page within the document.

Publication Info:

  • Print publication of the chapbook will follow in the spring of 2010. The chapbooks will be catalogued with an ISBN number and copyright information.
  • All poets included in the chapbook will each receive five complimentary copies. All entrants receive one.
  • At this time, there is no renumeration for the published work.

Deadline: November 1, 2009 January 15, 2010, June 1, 2010

Aztlan Libre Press is dedicated to the promotion and free expression of Xican@ art and literature.

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