Jehuniko Music Update

Check out the latest from one of our hermanos, Jehuniko…

Jehuniko-Cold In The Hot Sun, Sophomore Solo Album, Available now, Spring 2010

Name : Jehuniko
Genre : Hip Hop/Rap
Year formed : 2000
Hometown : Fontana, CA
Myspace : Jehuniko’s myspace
Facebook: Jehuniko’s Facebook
ReverbNation: Get his exclusives on Reverb Nation

You Tube: Jehuniko’s You Tube Channel
Label Type : Indie

FOR BOOKING/INTERVIEW INFO: please email jehuniko

Jehuniko, is from Southern California now based in Texas. Grinding and working hard non stop, Jehuniko has plowed through the rough Texas terrain and planted his energy, now nurturing these seeds, will continue to watch the garden grow throughout 2010. Puma is now officially backing up Jehuniko with fresh gear and kicks for all his upcoming shows.

From punk bands to spoken word events it all began in 1993. Maybe it was the varying masks that he wore while on stage that made people wonder about the one called Jehuniko, who howled at the moon in his delivery. In 2001, a career changing introduction to Kemo the Blaxican (former member of Delinquent Habits) gave Jehuniko the opportunity to go on tour in Europe, participate in the 1st annual Latin Rap Conference, Latin Alternative Music Conference, various TV shows and was featured on 2 songs off Kemo’s solo album, Simple Plan.

He has been featured on
the “Roof” y la “Conexion”,


the Drop,

LATV, and Nationally Syndicated

"Urban Latino,"

Costa Rica television UTV, and PM Latino.

Chicano Rap: Gender and Violence in the Postindustrial Barrio, Pancho McFarland
Featured Covers of La Nueva Raza Newspaper & La Vibra Magazine

He has performed in many local (throughout California and Texas) and international shows, including in Mexico and Central America.

Jehuniko has performed alongside Kemo and opened up for Mack 10, HR of Bad Brains and along with his crew Almas Intocables has opened for the Coup, KRS-One, Raekwon, Killah Priest, Ghostface Killah, Dres of Black Sheep, De La Sol, Lupe Fiasco, Mellow Man Ace, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, including a performance at the gathering in Tijuana, Mexico for

Sub Commandante Marcos of the EZLN in 2006.

la pura vida, solo LP, 2006
Almas Intocables, EP, 2008
Spiritual Warfare 1, street mixtape, 2007
Spiritual Warfare 2, street mixtape, 2009

Cold In the Hot Sun, solo LP, 2010

Tracks with Jehuniko are featured on:
Kemo the Blaxican’s Simple Plan, 2004
National Canadian Arts Council annual art & music festival, 2004

Fourth Cycle Clothing Compilation, 2005

The future glimmers with positive energy, as the Messenger of Sound brings water to the drought, offering nutrition and a soundtrack for the musical revolution.
Jehuniko recognizes the importance of the unification of all people everywhere and empowering humanity in general with the Information Revolution.

Links to music:

featuring a song on the new Wu Tang Compilation by Windwalker:

"Deadly Dosage"

Available April 2010

Pre-order on:

Links to Blogs:

“Beats and style of each song is totally unpredictable… with very good production. RZA should keep his ears open and get to work with Jehuniko. It is Latin rap: Spanish and English Hip-Hop mixed together. It does have Immortal Technique feel and a bit of Wu-Tang influence and sound. Also, Jehuniko’s voice reminds me of Lars from Metallica, but this is hip-hop.”
DJ Windwalker,

“In a time when the music industry is currently being dominated by bubble gum commercial rap there is always an artist that goes against the grain and defies the industry standards, Jehuniko is one of those artists. His latest release "Cold In The Hot Sun" provides hardcore beats with a political message that focuses on educating inner cities around the world. Favorite tracks include: "Gracias al Creador" (feat. Huba & Anura), "Keep Moving," "Contra NAFTA," & "Uphold The Code." If you’re fan of Latin hip hop music this is a must buy!!”

Tone Lopez, General Manager (Psycho Realm, DJ Muggs, DJ Khalil)


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