TAKE ACTION: Urge EPA to rethink toxic chemical after scientists say it can’t be managed


The science is in. Methyl iodide is too toxic to manage.
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"Adequate control of human exposure would be difficult, if not impossible."
CA Scientific Review Committee

We’ve come to you before about the toxic pesticide Methyl Iodide and thousands have responded. Now we need to ask your help one more time to try to get growers to stop using this toxic poison.

Science has proven that methyl iodide is a water contaminant, nervous system poison, thyroid toxicant and carcinogen.

Despite this, the Bush Administration’s EPA registered methyl iodide nationally in 2007–automatically permitting this toxin for use in a number of states. Other states like California have their own state regulations and are still deciding whether to allow it to be used.

However, there is hope to pull this toxic poison off the market. On September 25, 2009, U.S. EPA publicly agreed to reopen its decision on methyl iodide, pending results of the California Department of Pesticide’s Scientific Review Committee, comprised of scientists from across the country.

The Panel’s data is in. Their report: this pesticide is toxic and harmful. "Adequate control of human exposure would be difficult, if not impossible." In addition their report raised serious questions about the scientific accuracy of the federal review that was done under the Bush Administration.

Difficult if not impossible to control–yet this carcinogenic chemical is being used in North Carolina, Florida and fields across the country right now.

This has to stop. Help us hold EPA to their promise to follow the science on Methyl Iodide.

Sign the petition today!

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Can you please take one more additional step to help get the message to the U.S. EPA?

Are you on Twitter? The UFW has put together a Twitter petition to EPA’s Director Lisa Jackson. All you need to do is click here (or go to: http://act.ly/1vw),push "sign and tweet" and sign into your twitter account.

Not yet on Twitter? Please take a minute to join Twitter and sign our twitter petition at the same time by clicking here (or going to: http://act.ly/1vw )

This extra step literally takes less than a minute and can make a huge difference in getting the EPA’s attention. So please take the time to take one more step and sign our Twitter petition today!

Si Se Puede!


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