Tent City April 10, 2010: SWU community members support the protest organized by Students from Houston and Austin


Tent City April 10, 2010:

Southwest Workers’ Union (SWU) community members (Hidalgo County, Cameron County, Family of Hunger Strikers) showed our support to the Students from Austin & Houston and together demanded an end to the Tent City and an end to the Abuse/Retaliation against immigrants/hunger strikers. We demand Universal Citizenship Rights for All. Cindy Johnson and others of the United Methodist Church were also present.

¡Que Viva la Justicia y La Dignidad Siempre!

We spoke of our desire to end the physical abuse, sexual abuse and verbal abuse that our community faces. We demand an end to the militarization of the border and detention centers that violate our rights. We demand an end to the workforce raids and racial profiling. We demand Equal Rights and Dignity for Everyone.

We support the right to report and denounce abuse and injustice that takes place in our community without fear or retaliation so that one day there can be an end to the victimization and suffering. Death, abuse, and discrimination are not an acceptable standard of living for our border community.

It is not human to expect us to live under these conditions and to be denied our most basic human rights as women, children, men, families and as workers. We contribute our labor, culture and many other contributions to the development of our community and deserve to have our rights and human dignity respected regardless of our immigration status.

Otro mundo es posible.

Attached are some pictures of that day.

– Anayanse Garza

Southwest Workers’ Union
Migrantes Unidos RGV
cell. 956.207.2571


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