TAKE ACTION: Shame on Arizona – Time to take action

Arizona - Racial Profiling
Arizona has gone too far.
It’s time to take action against the state.

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Arizona’s governor just signed SB 1070 into law, effectively making it legal to racially profile in the state. The bill requires local law enforcement to question anyone they have “reasonable suspicion” of being undocumented. Translation: you could be pulled over for no other reason than that you are brown-skinned or speak Spanish.

That Gov. Jan Brewer could sign such a discriminatory law — one of the worst in the nation — is a moral outrage. We need to send a clear message that Arizona does not deserve economic support from the rest of the country. Tourism is a huge industry in the state — bringing in $18 billion last year. With the passage of SB 1070, it’s time to say shame on Arizona and pledge not spend our dollars in a place where racial profiling is legal. Will you join us?


The bill that Gov. Brewer just signed makes it a misdemeanor to lack proper paperwork in Arizona. It also requires police officers to attempt to determine a person’s immigration status if they form a “reasonable suspicion” that someone is undocumented.

Leading police chiefs and sheriffs have even expressed outrage at the bill’s signing, saying that it will cause immigrants to avoid reporting crimes, and divert officers’ attention from going after violent offenders.

The conservatives who passed SB 1070 may not care about Latino communities feeling safe, but they definitely care about the tourism industry that brings in billions of dollars to the state. We need to show them that their decisions have consequences. Will you join us? It only takes a moment:


Thank you and ¡Adelante!

Favianna, Laurie, Roberto and the rest of the Presente.org team


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