COLORADO: Denver Walkout to protest racist AZ law

Denver Walkout to protest racist AZ law

Friday, April 30, 2010
1:30am – 4:30am
Various: see below


Ya basta! Say no to racist Arizona bill (SB 1070) that was passed into law on Friday, April 23rd @ 1:30pm.

Exactly a week later….WALKOUT in the Denver-metro area this Friday, April 30th (part of a state & nationwide action).

We can’t let history repeat itself!
Not in Arizona…Not anywhere!

1953-56: “Operation Wetback” – Local police and border patrol officials detained and deported EVERYONE they suspected of being undocumented, many of which were actually US citizens. In total, over 2 million were deported from across the US.

April 23, 2010: Passage of SB 1070 in Arizona – Regardless of whether a crime is being committed, police MUST demand proof of citizenship of EVERYONE they suspect is undocumented and arrest those who cannot provide it. This backward and divisive law promotes racial profiling and terrorizes the community.

Our demands of President Obama:

1) Intervene & defend the people of Arizona

2) Reassert the federal government’s control over immigration law by making it clear that states do not have the authority to enforce immigration law

3) Immediately suspend & terminate all police-ICE partnerships

4) Place a direct order to ICE & the Department of Homeland Security to stop all raids & deportations across the US

5) Pass comprehensive immigration reform NOW

WALKOUT in the Denver-metro area this Friday, April 30th (part of a state & nationwide action).

In most cases, students will walkout @ 1:30pm (depends on travel time & to be determined at each school…for example: Lincoln @ 12pm)


Denver meeting spots:

Viking Park (Speer & Federal) @ 2pm
Sunken Gardens (11th & Speer) @ 2pm
City Park @ 2pm
Lincoln HS @ 12pm (will pick up students from Kepner MS & KIPP schools along the way)


2:30-3:30pm: Entertainment with music, spoken word/poetry, etc:

3:30pm: Rally program starts…community members giving powerful speeches

Spread the word!!!! We still need help with outreach & security/marshalling. If you’re a student and need help or are a community member willing to help, post a message here & someone will contact you.

3 Responses to “COLORADO: Denver Walkout to protest racist AZ law”

  1. This bill knowlingly gives law enforcers free license to racial profile, regardless of any repercussions or consequences – it is going to split the police force in half.
    For those people who think that police work will continue as normal, but that it simply gives law enforcers another tool to utilize,… have you considered the implications?
    What about the meth heads that are American citizens? What about them? They are the ones committing crimes, will you simply bypass these people because they have an ID? Have you considered increasing the police forces in AZ prior to signing this legislation? Because this bill represents a rather remarkably daunting task now, and is going to require a vastly expansive network of enforcers of the law now.
    This bill is nothing but a political move by Jan Brewer to try and keep her job. But now – now every crazy white supremecist is going to flood Arizona like a fricken bath tub drain.

  2. hey we students at skinner really want to do this and if not we will just go any way so either way we are going to support this cause we all need a say, we are all one people, one rais and we alll want a say. we want to partisipate so help us get our say.

    SI SE PUEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My message is: No matter what color we are : green, blue, brown, white, black or yellow , we are all human beings and we share the same planet. I want to join the march on May 1, 2010 because united is the only way we will send the message to our leaders that we voted to represent us. However, we must remain calm speak up for our rights and conduct a NON- VIOLENCE PROTEST.

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