TAKE ACTION: Arizona’s Call to the Nation: Take 2 minutes to join the winning side of history…

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Arizona’s Call to the Nation: Take 2 minutes to join the winning side of history…

Dear Friends,
There are moments in history when our nation’s character is tested. In these times, the country needs to stand together to uphold our most cherished values and to protect our proudest tradition as a nation of immigrants. In doing so, we must pay tribute to those generations who struggled and endured before us to cultivate the rights we all enjoy and deserve today. And while hatred and bigotry currently rule the day in Arizona, we have 90 days to stop SB 1070’s implementation, to defend civil rights, and to set federal immigration reform efforts in the right direction. We will not fail in this call.
People in Arizona have experienced a profound range of emotions in recent weeks. On Friday, Governor Jan Brewer joined the ranks of George Wallace and others like him who sought to gain political advantage by encouraging hatred and bigotry. And while Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have written themselves into the history books by supporting this repugnant law, they will appear as nothing more than a footnote. Indeed, this chapter of history will be written by the millions of immigrants who assert their place in the American story like all others who came before them. This chapter will be written by a new generation of fearless leaders, like the thousands of high school students who walked out in Phoenix and Tucson, and the nine brave leaders who sacrificed their freedom to prevent and protest the enactment of an unjust and unconstitutional law. It will be written by all of us.
Arizona’s immigrant community is organizing and preparing to mount the political, legal, and economic pressure needed to restore constitutional protections to the state. They need the nation’s help to change the federal policy that allowed for the formation of SB 1070. The simple fact is that the President of the United States has the moral authority and legal obligation to intervene and put an end to SB 1070. As Congressman Gutierrez said in his electrifying speech to thousands yesterday,
"Every time the federal government said that you could carry out 287(g) and sanctioned it you gave AZ an excuse to do SB1070…And it really isn’t that difficult, to take the pen and a signature to say that the police do not have an inherent right to carry out immigration policy, it is the responsibility of the federal government."

We are asking you to answer Arizona’s call. Specifically, we ask that you take three simple steps:
1. Take 1 Minute to send and urgent appeal to President Barack Obama, demanding federal intervention to defend civil rights in Arizona.

2. Consider making a donation to support litigation and organizing in defense of Arizona’s communities.

3. Join us for a national conference call on Wednesday, April 28, at 10am PST//1pm EST to discuss national and local response efforts and to learn how you can help. RSVP for the call by emailing Yadira Hernandez.

The road ahead will be long, but together we will turn the tide.
Pablo Alvarado
Director, National Day Laborer Organizing Network

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One Response to “TAKE ACTION: Arizona’s Call to the Nation: Take 2 minutes to join the winning side of history…”

  1. Time to go after the Employers this is not a race issue this is made that way by Corporations that profit from cheap labor. Call it like it is. What is wrong with selling visa permits to work just like the countries in Europe are doing. This is a win win.
    Jail the employers that hire illegal workers. Not just Latino but the Canadians that are here illegal.
    Better yet make a law that covers all whites that speak french or english since we have quite a few Canadians that are in our Country Illegally also.
    How about the Asians ever been to a Chinese Restaurant and had employees that could not speak english serve you? We need a law that enables officers to stop them too.

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