TAKE ACTION: Another Dream Deferred: Stop the deportation of Edgar Niebla

DIRECT LINK: http://reformimmigrationforamerica.org/blog/blog/another-dream-deferred-stop-the-deportation-of-edgar-niebla/

edgar 1


We just got word that Edgar has been temporarily released from ICE and will be reunited with his family tonight at his home in Glenwood Springs, CO. His battle is far from over, but thanks to the calls and faxes you made, ICE responded in a matter of hours!

The battle is also not over for millions of youth, workers, families and community members across Colorado and the United States who live out the impacts of a broken and unjust U.S. immigration system. But today is proof that together, we can make an impact and bring justice to our broken system.

Yesterday in Colorado , at 6:30 am, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested Edgar Niebla in his own home. Edgar was brought to the United States when he was 7 years old. For the past 20 years, he has worked tirelessly to serve his community and his country.

Call President Obama and ask him to stop the deportation of Edgar Niebla.

English: 866-998-2910
Spanish: 866-794-6052

In middle school he became a Peer-Mediator, helping to solve conflicts and mediate disputes between students. In high school he became a leader in his youth group at Santa Maria de La Corona Catholic Church in Glenwood Springs. After he graduated from Basalt High School in 2000 he started work at Mesa National Bank where he became a well-known in the community.

Edgar’s mission has always been to serve the people in his path. His biggest dream has been to become a police officer and serve the community. In December 2009 he got his certification but ran into one minor issue.

He has been successful in meeting all of the requirements except one: his immigration status.

The Basalt Police Department has even offered to sponsor him for a working visa.

edgar 2

He has repeatedly applied through the family reunification procedure to legalize his status but due legal misrepresentation his request has been denied.

Edgar represents exactly what is wrong and broken in our immigration system: he has attempted to work through legal channels, he is an outstanding citizen, and due to flaws in the system his application has been denied where his families was accepted.

Edgar marched with us in Washington, DC. He rallied with us in Las Vegas, NV. He has been tireless in his lobbying of Senators and Congressman in Colorado. Now he needs our help.

Call President Obama and ask him to stop the deportation of Edgar Niebla.

English: 866-998-2910
Spanish: 866-794-6052


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