“La Mission” opens Friday, May 7



Opening Events and Q&A at the following special screenings:
la mission
This weekend, “La Mission” — a brilliant film created by two courageous Latinos — will open in theaters in San Antonio.  We’re hoping you will see it and spread the word.  Its success depends on as many people seeing it opening weekend as possible.

Peter & Benjamin Bratt describe “La Mission” as a love letter to the neighborhood and community that continues to inspire them, but it’s a gift for all of us.  The film is set in the Mission District of San Francisco and focuses on Che, a deeply devoted father who controls his world through violence and intimidation, and his son, who is struggling to fully manifest himself and his sexuality. This film tells our stories, in our voices.

See “La Mission” as soon as you can and spread the word to your friends and family, and in your community.  And if you have the time to do more, please become a fan of the film on Facebook and volunteer to help the filmmakers get the word out.

Trailer & Info at http://lamissionthemovie.com/

Opening weekend attendance is critical. The box office totals determine the life expectancy of the film, including its afterlife on DVD.
If you want to see more films that are representative of our experiences and our communities, please support independent filmmaking by showing up at
the theaters and buying tickets.

From the Esperanza Center


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