TAKE ACTION: Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez


(Alvaro’s 58th Birthday, is Wednesday, May 12)

Greetings good friends & lovers of freedom…

Next Wednesday will be Chicano/Mexicano Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez’ 58th Birthday, on May 12th, so please find the time to write a brief letter of solidarity  in support for Alvaro’s personal act of resistance, and/or a birthday greeting; it will be appreciated as he is presently 2/3rds through the 8th year in Administrative Segregation (solitary isolation) at the Alfred D. Hughes Unit, in Gatesville, Texas (not quite a “stone’s throw” as the crow flies from Bush’s Ranch) – his lines of outside communication are always most important in dealing with the psychological and emotional deprivation of Ad-Seg.

After nearly 13 years since his conviction & 50-year sentence for Aggravated Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer on June 9, 1997, in Odessa, Texas, by a jury manipulated by prosecutors painting a picture of Alvaro as being a public troublemaker (prison rights organizer and community activist) and thus contaminating any possibility of a fair judgment in the proceedings by introducing his past acts into the trial (a former exonerated TDCJ-CID prisoner in 1989); plus the blocking of pivotal evidence requested by his defense that would have absolved him of any violent aggressive intent on his part – in the disarming of (now deceased) Brewster County Sheriff McDaniels who admitted in an (video was evidence blocked by objection) unofficial pre-trial video TV news interview that Alvaro was not violent or aggressive. The Sheriff later recanted all of that through testimony in court.
(See: attached petition and explanation of the case)

Alvaro is always in need of legal support from lawyers and innocence projects who are willing to offer Pro Bono time and effort to his appeals at any and all international courts and human rights commissions; we are now sitting out a 22-month wait on a petition review at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (OAS). His legal appeals have been exhausted through the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and subsequent Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2005, which was dismissed.

Aside from the tenuous petition’s appeal and status at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) as of this writing, we need to flood U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s USDOJ Office with filled signature page petitions in support of an investigation into these gross human rights violations with the arrest, conviction/sentence, and continued illegal incarceration.
Please feel free to print out these documents and distribute as widely as it will bear for public awareness, and get the petition’s signatures page completed and returned to me or sent to Holder direct if you like; we just need for them to investigate this so we can force the issue back into a Texas Criminal Court of Appeals as a Petition for Discretionary Review.
This we are currently developing, but all the pieces need to be in place to do this; so the Justice Department’s involvement will facilitate this to that end.
(Go to: www.freealvaro.org for more on this.)

Justicia ya!! Justicia para Alvaro!!

John (Twitch) Dolley, Jr.,
Central Coordinator,
Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez,
P.O. Box 7187,
Austin, Texas

Contact Alvaro at:

Alvaro Luna Hernandez,
Alfred D. Hughes Unit,
Route-2, Box 4400,
Gatesville, Texas 76597


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