The Truth Behind Big Oil Exposed

The Truth Behind Big Oil Exposed
Unprecedented Global Network of Chevron-Affected Communities Releases
“True Cost of Chevron: an Alternative Annual Report.”

May 2010
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Sunday, May 23 at 8:00PM
Sedition Books will be hosting a screening of Crude: The True Cost of Oil, an amazing film that indicts Chevron/Texaco corporation for environmental devastation.

Sedition Books is screening it with the folks from Rainforest Action Network and Global Exchange’s Chevron Watch project as a lead up to the
demonstration at Chevron’s HQ a few days later.

Representatives of the anti-Chevron resistance movement from Ecuador will be in attendance to answer questions about the ongoing struggle there.

Three years in the making, this feature from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger (Brother’s Keeper, Paradise Lost) is the epic story of one of the largest and most controversial environmental lawsuits on the planet.

The inside story of the infamous “Amazon Chernobyl” case, Crude is a real-life high stakes legal drama, set against a backdrop of the environmental movement, global politics,
celebrity activism, human rights advocacy, the media, multinational corporate power, and rapidly-disappearing indigenous cultures.

Presenting a complex situation from multiple viewpoints, the film subverts the conventions of advocacy film-making, exploring a complicated situation from all angles while bringing an important story of environmental peril and human suffering into focus.

The film has been in the news recently as its director has been battling to prevent Chevron from subpoenaing more than 600 hours of raw footage from the making of the film. A judge ruled that filmmakers do not have the same privilege as
journalists but Berlinger is appealing. To read more click here.

TUESDAY, MAY 25 at 8:30


Angelica Theater
500 Texas Street


Tuesday May 25, 2010
8:30 PM

The screening will be followed by Q&A with:

* Macon Hawkins, an oil worker held hostage by armed militants who remains sympathetic to the needs of those living in the Niger Delta;

* Emem Okon, a leader of Nigeria’s women’s movement; and

* Omoyele Sowore, an activist from a Chevron production area in Nigeria.

This very special one time event on the eve of the Chevron shareholder meeting offers an unusual opportunity to hear from Macon Hawkins, a TX oil worker who laid pipe in the Gulf Coast .  Because of his knowledge of the Delta environment, Hawkins was tapped to work in Nigeria.

Mr. Hawkins worked alongside two powerhouse activists from Nigeria, including Emem Okon, whose focus is women’s rights and who was a leader of the women’s takeover of a Chevron facility that gained international attention when the women threatened to take their clothes off (an extreme cultural taboo) if Chevron didn’t negotiate with them.  Omoyele Sowore is from the community that sued Chevron recently in U.S. court in San Francisco.

Sweet Crude is about Nigeria’s Niger Delta – the human and environmental consequences of 50 years of oil extraction, the history of non-violent protest, and the members of a new insurgency who, in the three years since we met them as college students, became the young men of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND).

The film confronts issues of human rights, resource control, environmental justice and mainstream media agendas.

The film crew was imprisoned by the Nigerian military last year in an effort to suppress the film. It didn’t work. Now we are working hard to get it seen by as many people as possible.

For more about the film, watch the trailer, visit the website and check out our facebook page.

Global Exchange
Chevron Toxico
Amazon Watch
Rain Forrest Action Network
Sweet Crude
The True Cost of Chevron: Alternative Annual Report 2010
As public outrage at the oil industry intensifies, questions on how to reign in the industry abound.

An unprecedented global coalition of communities harmed by – and fighting back against – the oil industry present both a groundbreaking report, “The True Cost of Chevron: an Alternative 2009 Annual Report,” and a landmark organizing model for taking on Big Oil.

Written by dozens of community leaders from 16 countries and ten states across the U.S. where Chevron operates, the 60-page report encompasses the full range of Chevron’s activities, from coal to chemicals, offshore to onshore production, pipelines to refineries, natural gas to toxic waste, and lobbying and campaign contributions to greenwashing.

From the coalfields of Alabama to the oil fields of Indonesia, the report reveals Chevron operations mired in accusation of human rights abuse (Angola, Burma, Indonesia, Chad, and Nigeria); mass environmental and human health devastation (including Ecuador, Kazakhstan, and Canada); toxic abuse of its neighbors (including Alabama, California, Mississippi, Texas, Thailand, and the Philippines); abuse of its workers (including Utah); threats to endangered species (including Australia and the U.S. Gulf Coast); and, in Iraq, intensifying the violent insurgency and putting the lives of U.S. and Iraqi service members at greater risk.

All the while, Chevron continues to promote itself as a ‘green’ energy company.

However, “Chevron spent less than 2% of its total capital and exploratory budget on green energy in 2009, its lowest rate in any year since at least 2006,” explained Antonia Juhasz, lead author and editor of the report and author of The Tyranny of Oil: the World’s Most Powerful Industry-And What We Must Do To Stop It.

“Chevron’s misrepresentation of its actual business practices translates across Chevron’s operations and is the reason why it is the focus of one of the largest and most unique networks of communities organizing to hold the oil industry to account.”

On May 25, forty report authors will appear in Houston at a press conference to address the true cost of Chevron’s operations in their communities. On May 26, they will deliver the report directly to Chevron inside the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) while supporters rally outside.

The 2009 report has gained even greater import in the wake of the BP/Transocean explosion as it exposes Chevron’s role as the largest leaseholder in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and its role at the forefront of lobbying to expand offshore drilling across the U.S. and around the world. Chevron also contracts with Transocean for its massive offshore operations.

Report author, Bryan Parras, of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (TEJAS) in Houston, explained, “The oil industry operates with impunity here in Houston and across the Gulf Coast. It is critical that our communities work together to hold these companies to account.”

For more information on the authors, fact sheets, visuals and a schedule of Houston events, go to:

Before it exploded, BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was owned and operated by Transocean, the same company Chevron–the largest lease holder in the Gulf–contracts with for its massive Gulf offshore operations.

On May 25, representatives from communities harmed by — and fighting back against — The Chevron Corporation are coming to Houston to confront the oil giant at its annual shareholder meeting.

Across the globe, Chevron’s operations put our climate, security, and the health of our communities at great risk. That’s why it’s the focus of a growing resistance movement. Community leaders from Angola, Burma, New Mexico, Australia, Kazakhstan, Alaska, Ecuador, Texas, Nigeria, California, Colombia, Mississippi, Canada, Thailand, and Wyoming; representatives of Iraq Veterans Against the War; and more have recorded our stories of struggle and success against Chevron in “The True Cost of Chevron: an Alternative Annual Report, 2010.”

We will share them at a Public Forum on May 25. Then, on May 26, we will confront Chevron at its Houston headquarters. Join us for a fun and colorful protest rally!

Join us for a Public Forum on Struggle and Success

Tuesday, May 25, 6-8pm
Rice Media Center
Entrance #8
Stockton @ University Blvd
Houston, Texas 77005

And a Protest Rally at Chevron’s Headquarters

Wednesday, May 26, 7-11am
1500 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002

Bad People

Join a women-led, women-initiated action to expose the atrocities of the oil industry, focusing on BP’s latest (and greatest) drilling disaster on the Gulf Coast. We are inviting all women to join us to expose the naked truth of “drill baby drill” (Obama approved offshore oil drilling) and to ask the country–what is more indecent, our bodies or the horrific effects of our nation’s obsession with oil?

WHAT: The Naked Truth Behind “Drill Baby Drill” with CODEPINK and other Unreasonable Women for the Earth (and You!)

WHERE: Houston, Texas

WHEN: Monday, May 24, 2010 at 10:30 am – meet to prep our visuals and execute action at 11:30 am

HOW: If you live outside of Houston and want to coordinate carpooling, contact a local CODEPINK coordinator nearest to you.  Sign up to join us at!  We’ll send action updates by email!

Over the long term of this disaster, this spill may have virtually destroyed the Gulf of Mexico, its marine life and vital marshlands, and also the fishing industry and recreational use of the Gulf and its beaches.  The lives of millions will eventually be affected by this.  BP has a shameful accident history.  Furthermore,  since the Alaskan Valdez oil spill, virtually no new measures have been developed by any company to prevent or contain catastrophic spills.  For the companies involved, it is all about the money!  We are going to follow the money and demand accountability and an end to offshore drilling and wars for oil.

Our demands and intentions are: there be no new permits on offshore drilling; instead, redirect that energy and financing into renewable fuels; to expose the true costs of gasoline and oil, cost of ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan and the obvious disaster about to hit the coast in waves of oil, killing our fish and livelihoods; to ensure that corporations are held accountable for their rape, plunder and profit on our backs.

Spread the word to your friends!  There is room for everyone in this action, from costumed activists to onlookers!

Next week will be a busy one here in Energy City.  As an advocate for Environmental Justice, I hope that you can make it out to one or all of the many events taking place next week.

The livelihood of so many along the Gulf Coast is in jeopardy. The Nation needs your support in taking on the Tyranny of the Oil Industry.

We can do better, we should expect more and we all deserve a clean, healthy environment.

In solidarity with all of those affected by the global petrochemical industry,

Bryan Parras
Forward email
t.e.j.a.s. | 6733 Harrisburg Blvd. | Houston | TX | 77011


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