SAN ANTO: Emergency Press Conference Against Militarization of the US- Mexico Border – May 26


For Immediate Release

Contact: Che Lopez

Cell 210 378-5132

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Denounce President Obama’s Decision to

Send More National Guard to the US-Mexico Border and

Spend $Billions to Wage a War Against the Immigrant Community

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

@ Federal Building on Durango

@ 4 PM

“I did not vote for President Obama so he could wage a war against the hard working immigrants and spend billions of tax payer dollars on militarizing the US- Mexico Border. What we need is a fair and just Immigration Reform in 2010, he promised the Latino Voters that he would pass a fair and just Immigration Reform during his first year as President” stated Sandra Garcia of the Youth Leadership Organization.

Arizona needs our help more than ever due to the racist laws that are being implemented against People of Color, Immigrants and Indigenous Nations through out the state. Since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed in 1848 our people have been used as workers to benefit the capitalist system of the United States and in return we get a government that has waged a war against our brothers and sisters from Mexico and all other parts of Latin America.

“We are outraged by the most resent actions taken by President Obama and his administration to further militarize the US- Mexico Border instead of taking action to pass a fair and just Immigration Reform in 2010. They are violating the constitution of the United States and the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights that protect our rights as human beings living along the border.” stated Tanya Garduno of the Southwest Workers Union.

President Obama must sign an executive order to stop the militarization of the US – Mexico Border, the raids, the deportations, racist laws. President Obama needs to pass a fair/ just immigration reform in 2010 as he promised voters during his presidential electoral campaign.

“We will be on a Liberation Caravan from San Antonio to Phoenix for the National Day of Action Against SB 1070/ SB 2281 and to Stop the Militarization of the US –Mexico Border” stated the delegates going on the Liberation Caravan to Phoenix, AZ

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