Arizona Human Rights Summer Begins with 100,000 Person March

Arizona Human Rights Summer Begins with 100,000 Person March

More than 60 Events Around the Country Mark Start of Escalating Response to SB1070

Dear Friends and Allies,

This weekend 100,000 people marched six miles from Steele Indian School Park to the State Capitol to denounce SB1070 and demand President Obama Intervene in the growing human rights crisis of Arizona.  We were joined by supporters ranging from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka to the voice of her people, Grammy Nominated Singer, Jenni Rivera, and attendees who drove from as far away as Boston to support the locals leading the effort to overturn SB 1070.

(for photos check out, For video, check out

Today we announce the beginning of Arizona Human Rights Summer. Two days ago, we met veterans of the Mississippi Freedom Summer from 1964 who took the Civil Rights movement to a new level through their work. They encouraged us to carry on that legacy and pledged to participate deeply in the Arizona struggle.

In the coming months, we will peacefully escalate resistance to SB1070. At the end of June, we will travel to the US Social Forum in Detroit for an Immigrant Rights from Below movement assembly to strengthen a migrant rights movement from the bottom up, a movement uncompromisingly against the criminalization of our communities. We will have more details soon for you regarding our invitation for all people of conscience to come to Arizona for the Day of Non-Compliance, July 29th, when SB 1070 is scheduled to go into effect.

We will make this summer a Human Rights summer everywhere.  Wherever the Diamondbacks play, protest. Wherever there are new police/ice collaborations, push back. Wherever Arizona companies do business, boycott.  Wherever there is injustice, we must shut it down.

That next step will be taken tomorrow by the undocumented Trail of Dreams students who walked from Florida to Washington, DC. Tomorrow these four brave undocumented students will challenge Sheriff Arpaio, the man who has made his career attacking the immigrant community to meet with them face to face.  We will stand with them to say Basta al Odio, Basta 287. We hope you too will stand with them to face down Sheriff Arpaio.

With the passage of SB 1070 and the ethnic studies law, Arizona opened a new phase in the history of Human Rights movements in the United States and our efforts will only grow and escalate peacefully leading up to the Day of Non-Compliance, July 29th.  In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we will not follow an unjust law.  People around the country have pledged civil disobedience to stop the law.

We do so because we know we are on the right side of history. We hope President Obama will join us by acting immediately.


Pablo Alvarado

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Videos: Jenni Rivera on SB 1070, More than 100,000 March Talib Kweli Calls for March

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