TAKE ACTION: Tell the EPA that kids & pesticides don’t mix

Petition to the EPA:
Kids & Pesticides Don’t Mix

When it comes to pesticides, children are among the most vulnerable. Pound for pound–they drink 2.5 times more water, eat 3-4 times more food, and breathe twice as much air. They also face exposure in the womb and via breast milk. This is true for every child– no matter where they live. A recent study out of Harvard linked low-level, dietary exposure to organophosphate pesticides (OP’s) with increased prevalence of ADHD in kids.

Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide. It’s a neurotoxin that presents particular dangers to the developing brains and bodies of children–as do all OP’s. Acute poisoning with these neurotoxins can cause headaches, vomiting, inability to concentrate, difficulty breathing and more. Exposure to even very small amounts, especially at critical periods of fetal development, can lead to learning and developmental disorders. That’s why chlorpyrifos was banned for non-agricultural uses in 2001. Tell the EPA it’s time to finish the job and ban chlorpyrifos, once and for all.

The UFW is working with other environmental groups to turn in a petition to the EPA by mid-June. Please sign the petition and tell EPA to get chlorpyrifos out of the fields.

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