LUBBOCK: March and Rally Against SB 1070 – June 5


For Immediate Release

DATE:          June 2, 2010

CONTACT: Daniel Sanchez

Area Citizens Unite to Oppose
Arizona-Style Immigration Legislation on June 5

LUBBOCK – A grassroots coalition of area citizens, led by Citizens In United Discourse Against Discrimination, is holding a march and rally to oppose the recently passed Arizona immigration law and its precedent. ¡CIUDAD! is a non-partisan organization of men and women united in support of the traditional American beliefs in liberty and justice for all.
The coalition asks that all participants arrive at Aztlan Park (101 Ave J., Lubbock, Texas) by 9:30am. There, they will provide some short instructions and then begin marching (at 10:00am) towards the Lubbock County Courthouse Gazebo (Texas Ave. and Broadway). The route will be south on Buddy Holly Ave. and transition to Texas Ave. (at the underpass just past 4th St) and continue to the Gazebo. The group should arrive at the Gazebo by 10:30-11:00am and a short program will be held. The featured speaker is Miguel Levario, PhD and Daniel Sánchez will also address the crowd. Additionally, the names of those elected officials and candidates with the courage to stand for civil liberties will be read. Conversely, the coalition will denounce those who lacked the conviction to stand for civil liberties and the constitution.

The latter is in keeping with the group’s promise of identifying and holding accountable local city, county, state and national leaders who support immigration legislation similar to the Arizona law.
Through this action and future efforts the group will work toward the reversal of the Arizona law and closely monitor all proposed immigration legislation in Texas.
Citizens interested in joining this effort may email Sanchez at<>
¡CIUDAD!’s charter and purpose statements are included following.

¡CIUDAD! Charter Statement

Communities in United Discourse Against Discrimination (¡CIUDAD!) is a non-partisan organization composed of men and women united in the belief that the recent passage by Arizona of SB1070 as amended by HB 2162, is against American beliefs of liberty and justice for all. We view the legislation as a threat to the civil liberties of people in the United States.

¡CIUDAD! will mobilize to identify and hold accountable local city, county, state and national leaders who support legislation like the recent Arizona law.

¡CIUDAD! will lead this action on behalf of people who believe that the Arizona legislation, borne of discrimination and fear, is fundamentally flawed and would strip away our civil liberties.

¡CIUDAD! will publicly identify, monitor and work to unseat local city, county, state and national leaders who do not take a public stand against the discriminatory legislation or its equivalent. We will work to elect candidates who oppose Arizona-type legislation. Moreover, we will work with other like-minded groups who support civil rights and American core beliefs in liberty and justice for all.

¡CIUDAD! Purpose Statement

¡CIUDAD! acknowledges the need for immigration reform but denounces tactics used by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. This discriminatory law makes being in the state without proper immigration paperwork a state crime and mandates that police check the immigration status of people they suspect to be undocumented. We do not agree that local law enforcement should be permitted to question the legal status of an individual. Contrary to what HB2162 states, we believe this will lead to profiling resulting in illegal detainment, false arrest, denial of services and the alienation of many U.S. citizens.

¡CIUDAD! will work toward the reversal of all such legislation. We will secure a promise from our civic, state and national leaders that no law or statute be passed that violates the rights of American citizens in the name of immigration reform.


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