AUSTIN: Join us Oct. 6th to Demand Dignity Not Detention

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Join Us October 6th to call for Dignity, not Detention

Stop Incarcerating Immigrants For-Profit in Texas!

Tent CityPlease join Grassroots Leadership and Texans United for Families in demanding “Dignity Not Detention” for immigrants in Texas detention centers.

Come learn about the human and financial costs of Texas detention centers.

Wednesday, October 6th, from 11:30am-1pm at J.J. Pickle Federal Building in Austin, Texas.

Texas has at least 10,000 immigration detention beds, more than any other state. Most detention centers are contracted with for-profit private prison corporations such as the Corrections Corporation of America, Management and Training Corporation, and the GEO Group. For these companies, every undocumented immigrant is an opportunity to make a profit. Conditions in for-profit detention can include mistreatment by guards, the denial of medical attention, risk of abuse and sexual assault, and limited or no access to families, lawyers, and the outside world.

October 6th marks the anniversary of the date of release of Dr. Dora Schriro’s report, “Immigration Detention Overview and Recommendations” and ICE’s second detention reform announcement of 2009. In this past year, ICE and Homeland Security have done little to preserve the human rights of immigrants.

Join us as we seek to reverse this trend by coming together on the anniversary of the ICE reform announcement to raise public awareness about the record numbers of deportations and detentions.

For more information on the vigil, please contact Bob Libal at blibal or (512) 971-0487.



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