EL PASO: Dia de la Raza / Indigenous People’s Day – Oct 12

Info We ask you to join us, MEChA del chuco, on October 12th at Leech Grove (UTEP) to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day/ Dia de la Raza and celebrate in honor of all our ancestors, the people continuing the struggle today and future generations.

Danza Azteca Chichimeca Omecoatl

Donations always Accepted (:

Columbus’ voyage on October 12th marked the beginning of the European invasion of the Western Hemisphere and Native resistance to it. We will use the occasion to reveal the historical truths about the invasion and the consequent genocide and environmental destruction, to organize against its continuation today, and to celebrate Indigenous resistance.

Transform Columbus Day “into an occasion to strengthen our process of continental unity and struggle towards our liberation”.

“October 12th, 1492, here in the United States, it will be Columbus Day; Here to us , it will be Indigenous Peoples’ Day; Here in Aztlàn, it will be Dìa de la Raza. As many winters have passed, as many suns have set, as many minutes and seconds have come and gone, they have led up to the same day: Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Dìa de la Raza; but they are not the same. For they are different and they mean different.

When you celebrate the discovery of a new world, imagine how you solemnize the most severe genocide in the history of the world. You can choose to celebrate the greatest act of the Renaissance and the act of the single man on Columbus Day, but by that you also choose to solemnize the death of tens of millions of Native Americans and the extermination of whole peoples, such as those on the islands of first contact.

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day/ Dìa de la Raza you can choose however to celebrate the survival and revitalization of Indigenous cultures, and commemorate Native resistance to the forces still threatening to destroy them.

October 12th is Columbus Day,
it is Indigenous Peoples’ Day,
it is Dìa de la Raza

The events that have happened in the interim have happened, nothing can change that.The first joy at the sight of land happened. The unspeakable terror of parents watching their child
fed to the conquistadors’ dogs happened. Five hundred and eighteen years of events took place, we cannot change that. We cannot tell Tainos, on first seeing the Spanish arrive, to run, to run, and not stop running. What was, was. We cannot change the number of days, nor can we change the events that happened. We can, though, choose to remember or forget, to celebrate, solemnize, or recognize.”

-Alfred Arteaga

2 Responses to “EL PASO: Dia de la Raza / Indigenous People’s Day – Oct 12”

  1. Jose "Chato" Garcia Reply October 8, 2010 at 10:06 am

    Orale! I live in Middle Aztlan, in the Territory of Nebraska, and Chicanos here for a generation have been solemnly commemorating “DIA DE LA RAZA”. Chicanos in Nebraska have survived the recent wave of Hispanics and Latinos, who have replaced many of our Raza in positions of cultural and professional meaning. Chicanos will continue to stand in solidarity on this day with our Mestizo carnales, with our Native people, and those that have the knowledge of history of the unprecedented genocide brought on by the invasion of the Europeans.


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