Arizona to issue special, undocumented birth certificates

Arizona to issue special, undocumented birth certificates

March 1st, 2011
By Hector A. Chavana, Jr. (Tlacaelel) of

“This is how the man does it, and if you don’ t wake up and find out how he does it, I tell you, they’ll be building gas chambers and gas ovens pretty soon– I don’t mean those kind you’ve got at home in your kitchen– [and] you’ll be in one of them, just like the Jews ended up in gas ovens over there in Germany. You’re in a society that’s just as capable of building gas ovens for black people as Hitler’s society was.”
-Malcolm X

In their new round of legislation, Arizona law makers have proposed some bills that make last year’s proposals seems tame. The Times:

(The children of the undocumented) would receive special birth certificates that would make clear that the state does not consider them Arizona citizens.

This gringo backlash attempts to indict our children from the day that they are born.

This land is our birthright, our heritage. We have traveled this piece of the world for 60,000 years or more. We must first understand that a simple piece of paper will never be able to grant or to deny us our rights to Anahuac. We are here to stay. The day that our presence requires justification from others is the day that we stop being a nation and start being nothing more than work horses.

It is easy for this bill to be laughed off as a symbolic act, but the truth is that it is a permanent mark on this group of children. Despite my admonition that we must never seek approval of others, the reality is that
the history of this nation is a sociopathic one. It wiped out countless societies while establishing its borders, and kept right on going. Even though we might not need its approval, we must never ignore the activities of any sociopathic nation, especially when its illness begins to flare.

It is for this reason that we must take this move as something profoundly dangerous to our future existence. The Nazis used differences in documentation as a a symbolic move toward ridding their society of undesirables. As they developed more and more power, these symbolic gestures and documentations became the channels that they used to carry out their Final Solution. They knew where all the undesirables lived. They marked the undesirables. When it was time, they simply used the channels and the markings to send in their death squads.

When the government begins marking your people, you have a choice to make, and you have to choose sides.

What will you do?


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