HOUSTON: A Workshop Exploring Integral Nonviolence – March 12

If War Is Not The Answer, What Is?

A Workshop Exploring Integral Nonviolence

Sponsored by Houston Peace and Justice Center & Live Oak Friends Meeting

March 12, 2011


A simple lunch will be served

following the workshop.

Live Oak Friends

Meeting House

1318 26th Street, Houston, 77008

At the heart of Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s approach to social change was their understanding that the building blocks of a nonviolent society are the vibrant, productive, nonviolent lives of individual men and women.

Effective nonviolent political action does not spring from a vacuum. It grows out of daily living grounded in personal and communal spiritual practice, and in constructive service to one’s immediate and surrounding communities.

Nonviolence on the political stage is only as powerful as the personal and community-based nonviolence of those who engage in it.

~Chris Moore-Backman, “Walking with Gandhi,” GEEZ Magazine 2008

At this interactive workshop, we will look at the process that Gandhi and Martin Luther King used to build the foundations of their social movements. We will draw on the depth and diversity of participants’ life experiences as we explore the meaning and relevance of nonviolence in relation to our faith, our daily life, and our hopes for a better world.

8:45 Check-in

9:00 Workshop

10:45 Break & Snacks (please bring a snack to share)

11:00 Workshop

12:45 Closing

1:00 Lunch – vegan soup, bread and salad (please bring your own cup, bowl & utensils)

Registration Deadline is March 5. To register, call Nell Warnes at 713-838-0737 or email nellwarnes. We are requesting a donation of $10 to cover the cost of materials (handouts, etc) and lunch. This will be collected at check-in on March 12.


Victoria Albright left a 25-year career as a medical writer and educator to pursue her passion for simplicity, sustainability, service, and nonviolence. She has written a facilitators’ guide for an 11-week series exploring The Wheel of Integral Nonviolence, a personal and social transformation model developed by Chris Moore-Backman. Victoria divides her time between Houston and a Gandhian-inspired community in northeast Missouri called The Possibility Alliance.

Nell Warnes worked as engineer in the aerospace and semiconductor industries, where she began her climb down the corporate ladder. After spending a year teaching in rural China, she returned to Houston where she teaches computer literacy in an under-served Hispanic community. She has spent time working with refugees from Iraq and the DRC (Congo), visiting David Lee Powell on death row, and riding METRO as an alternative to personal transportation.


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